What You Need to Know About the Latest Tech Express Entry Draw in Ontario

The latest Express Entry Draw on August 1 saw the province of Ontario issue 1,773 invitations to apply for permanent residence. This draw was aimed at tech workers who had the required experience in at least one of six tech occupations. This is the second draw aimed at this occupation this year in an attempt to supply their growing tech sector with enough skilled workers. Following this draw, a total of 3, 396 invitations have been issued to immigrants that match these criteria.

What is the Express Entry?

With over 70 channels of applying for permanent residence in Canada, the Express Entry Program is by far the most popular. Its popularity is rooted in the way it fast-tracks the application process. Through express entry, you could obtain your permanent residence to Canada in as little as six months. Although it is one of the quickest ways to get you to Canada, it is not always the easiest. The Express Entry Program has multiple streams and depending on which route you take, you may be subject to a range of criteria. These criteria generally include but are not limited to: education, age, language proficiency (in both English and French) and your ability to adjust to the Canadian culture after immigration.

The Eligible Candidates in the Latest Ontario Draw

Express entry application CanadaThe candidates who were issued with invitations in the latest draw were taken from the Federal Express Entry Pool of Canada. This system allows Ontario to handpick candidates within that pool who possessed the necessary education, skills and work experience in the tech industry to meet the needs of their labor market. Notably, in the group of candidates who received invitations, some had a Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) score of as low as 435. The CRS Score is a ranking system set in place to determine the eligibility of immigrants wishing to apply for permanent residence in Canada based on a list of criteria. How well you fare in each of the categories determines your CRS Score. The higher your score, the better your chances are to receive a provincial nomination or an Invitation to Apply(ITA) for permanent residence, to which you will have 60 days to respond. When a province targets it's Express Entry draws at certain professions, it possibly allows for those who may not have the highest score but possess the right skills, to obtain permanent residence in a specific province in Canada.

The 6 Occupations That Were the Target of the Latest Ontario Express Entry Draw

The latest tech draw in Ontario was geared towards immigrants who were in the Federal Express Entry pool and were also skilled in one of six tech occupations. Those occupations are namely: Database analysts and data administrators, Computer engineers, Software Engineers and designers, Computer and information systems managers, Web designers and developers as well as Computer programmers and interactive media developers.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

Life in CanadaThe Provincial Nominee Program was established by the Canadian government to split up the separate immigration needs of each province by developing a specific program in each region that addresses their individual needs. The skill type and level of skill within a designated profession are determined by the National Occupational Classification. This rating makes it easier for provinces to identify which candidates meet their exact requirements. This was the process Ontario used, forming part of their Human Capital Priorities Stream. This stream is one of three that makes up Ontario's Provincial Nominee Program and which allows them to extract skilled workers from the pool of candidates in the Express Entry.

In order to have been selected in this particular draw, candidates would have had to create an Express Entry Profile between 1 August 2018 and 1 August 2019. An Express Entry Profile is a prerequisite for being able to obtain permanent residency through the Express Entry System. This profile categorizes your skillset, education, National Occupation Classification and your recent language tests.

Trying to determine your eligibility for the Express Entry Program and to ensuring you have the best chances of receiving an invitation in a future express entry draw can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, our qualified and experienced immigration specialists at MDC can help you through the process. Sign up today and you could soon be making your way to Canada for good!