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Let us help you get your Canadian Student Visa

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Make the right choice and kickstart your career in Canada with experience based courses from Evergreen College.

Not only can their professional diplomas help you qualify for in-demand occupations in Canada, it will also help you get valuable Canadian work experience as their courses are designed in such a way that they do not only cover academics and theory, but each course includes a practical application in the form of a paid or unpaid internship at an employer in their extensive network of job providers from all over Canada.

Evergreen dedicates themselves to finding gaps in the labour market and gear their courses directly towards in-demand occupations in Canada - making sure that their students are set up for success and maximize their chances of landing a job that could lead to permanent residency and a bright future in Canada.

When studying with Evergreen College, you will have access to their Canadian Job Bank and they will do their best to match their students to potential employers who are looking to fill positions with qualifications matching their diplomas. They will even assist their candidates with preparing for the interviews.

Choose Evergreen College today and you could be one step closer to your dream life in Canada.