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Our Language Center is here to assist you with all your language needs. Here at, we guide you through the process of your language training with our improved and internationally accredited language programs. Whether you:

  • Want to improve your English or French Language skills,
  • Want to learn English or French to boost your immigration application or
  • Are seeking professional validation to enroll in under or post-graduate educational institutions.

Our programs will fulfill all your language needs!

We would like nothing more than to see you succeed. Scoring great results in your language tests is an excellent way to improve your visa application which is why we have made every effort to ensure that you are properly prepared and feel confident in your language level of English or French.


While a multitude of languages are spoken in Canada, English and French are the only two official languages. When immigrating to Canada, good English or French language skills are very important to help you settle in. You will have to focus on learning or improving either English or French or both. The language that you choose is entirely up to you to decide, but it most likely depends on the language predominantly spoken in the area that you chose to live in or immigrate to. English is spoken throughout the country, while French is predominantly spoken in Quebec with Francophone in some parts of Ontario, New Brunswick and Manitoba.

Official federal government services, publications and documents are issued in both English and French throughout the country. offers a holistic approach to learning and improving your language ability. Because English is the most dominant language both globally and in Canada, our offerings focus on ensuring your level of English ability is as high as possible, though we do offer personalized tutoring in French, too.

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