Visa Dialect Preparation

Improve Your Language Ability with our Easy To Use Software and enjoy the benefits of a program that adapts to your level of English.

This learning software features a course designed for applicants who struggle with English, have not spoken the language before or would like to take their language ability to the next level. If you are looking to move to Canada, you will need to write an English test, also known as the IELTS examination. Your test results will determine whether you are eligible to immigrate to Canada, so we suggest that you do all that you can to pass the examination with flying colors the first time.

The course will ask that you begin by taking a 30-minute test to determine your English skill level. After completing your placement exam, you will be able to access all of the different types of exercises aimed at improving your language skills.

You can learn grammar, vocabulary and oral skills while practicing on the different exercises that match your interests. The best part about this course is that you can learn while still having fun with interactive games and videos.

Each lesson is structured around your skill level in the English language with opportunities to practice your pronunciation using live recordings.

Benefits of the course

  1. The course is structured around your individual capabilities.
  2. Access to hundreds of exercises that will improve your vocabulary, grammar and oral skills.
  3. Continuous assessment of skills and improvement during the course.
  4. A play section equipped with daily news updates from around the world, including jokes, games and videos.
  5. Pronunciation tests include interactive recordings to improve language skills.
  6. You will have confidence in your English abilities by the time of the IELTS exam.







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