Montreal City Guide

Montreal is the biggest city in Quebec and is also the art capital of Canada in our opinion. This city is named after the famous Mount Royal and most of its inhabitants are French speaking. Located on an island in the Saint Lawrence River, this beautiful city is big enough to satisfy any traveller’s wanderlust.

Welcome to Montreal

Apart from the fact that it is technically an island, Montreal is rated as one of the most liveable cities in the entire world! Find out more about what Montreal has to offer you in terms of sights, demographics, healthcare and overall liveability. Read more here.

Job Opportunities in Montreal

As the largest city in Quebec, Montreal has much to offer anyone looking to start anew. This dynamic capital is constantly expanding and seeking more people to contribute to its ever-growing industries. Read more here.

Cost of Living in Montreal

If you are keen on moving to Montreal, you will need to know how much you will be spending in this city. We have compiled a chart to tell you how much you may be expected to pay for everyday expenses and daily essentials. Read more here.

Education in Montreal

In general, Canada delivers a high standard of education and Montreal is no exception to this standard. Read more about the excellent learning institutions Montreal has to offer. Read more here.

Neighbourhoods in Montreal

In total, Montreal has 19 boroughs, many of which were once independent cities. Read more about some of Montreal’s well-known neighbourhoods. Read more here.

Explore Montreal

Montreal has some of the most sought-after sights to see in Canada by far. Take a tour with us as we discover more about Montreal’s rich history and amazing sites. Read more here.





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