There are many places to shop for general groceries and household goods as well as clothing and bigger items in Canada. Some stores are owned privately while others have become popular franchise stores.

The different types of stores include:

Supermarkets: Local stores where you can buy your groceries and produce. These supermarkets can be found in most suburban areas.

Department stores: These stores carry many different types of goods including clothing, electronics, furniture and cosmetics.

Convenience stores: Found in most neighborhoods, these stores are for small and quick purchases.

Speciality stores: If you are looking for something in particular, these stores can assist you in finding exactly what you need. Example: Hardware stores, Cosmetic stores, furniture stores.

Online shopping: Canadians love to shop online and many stores have now got a virtual presence. This convenient form of shopping means that you can order your products online and then have them delivered to your residence or place of work. Popular sites include Amazon, Forever21 and Walmart.

Farmer’s Markets: Getting out and about in Canada’s beautiful outdoors over the weekend is common in Canada. Most people tend to visit Farmer’s Markets in their local area where small stalls showcase delicious food, gifts, homeware and other interesting items.

Shopping Malls: Canada really does have it all, and it’s shopping malls are no exception. They offer a wealth of shops where you can find almost anything you need. Many of the more modern malls also offer exciting attractions to keep you coming back for more.

For example, the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta has been dubbed  as being a city under one roof. Aside from its 800 stores, it also has a golf course, a giant indoor pool, an ice-rink and even an amusement park!





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