Explore Ottawa

Grab your camera and walking shoes, it’s time to see what Ottawa has to offer you. This large city is filled with many amazing sights and attractions to sate any travellers’ lust for adventure and culture. Many travellers have expressed a deep love for Ottawa’s welcoming spirit and people.

Parliament Hill

front view of the parliament hill in ottawa

Even though politics may be a bit of a bore, we can assure you that this magnificent Victorian Gothic structure on the 50-meter-high hill is anything but that. Overlooking the beautiful Ottawa River, Parliament Hill houses many buildings including the Parliamentary Library and Peace Tower. The grounds surrounding the buildings are well-kept and encompassed by many interesting structures. These grounds are also regularly patrolled by the Canadian Mounted Police who make a fetching sight in their scarlet uniforms and riding breeches.

Canadian Tulip Festival

In celebration of the coming Spring, Ottawa hosts the annual Tulip festival to commemorate Queen Juliana of the Netherlands’ gratitude for the city's hospitality during the Second World War. The beautiful array of blooms can be seen all throughout the city but are most prominent in Commissioners Park. The city also exhibits vibrant fireworks and live performances during this time.

Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal is 200 kilometres long, but only 1.6-meter-deep. This structure was originally intended to be a strategic navigational path between Montreal and Lake Ontario for military purposes, but in present day it is a recreational area for tourists and city goers to meet up and engage in fun activities like skating and festivals. On the banks of this famous canal, you’ll find Château Laurier – a grand building reminiscent of medieval times.

a sunny day along the rideau canal in ottawa


Ottawa is home to many impressive museums which celebrate Canadian heritage and culture. The Canadian War Museum for one, is an amazing tribute to the many wars that took place in Canada over the years including the First and Second World Wars. Located at Vimy Place, this museum exhibits artefacts and displays Canada’s military past.

Similar to the War Museum, Canada also has Diefenbunker, Canada's Cold War Museum. This large underground facility was built during the cold war and was specifically designed to protect important functions of the Canadian government in the event of a nuclear war during that period.

Canada also has a Museum of Nature where you can spend your time learning about dinosaurs and indigenous animal life.

The National Gallery of Canada is also located in Ottawa and was created by Moshe Safdie. This breath-taking piece of architecture has prism-like glass towers which are similar to the Parliament Buildings. Though uncommonly modern, this structure fits perfectly into Ottawa’s cityscape. Inside the museum you’ll find exhibitions of aboriginal art and European Impressionism as well as Inuit art.

crouching spider at the national gallery of canada