Major Job Industries In Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and unsurprisingly, it is also the biggest contributor to Canada’s key industries. Because the economy is constantly expanding, the job market in Ottawa is filled with many prospects and opportunities to internationals looking to settle here. There are many industries all throughout the province, each in search of a valuable additions to their work force. Some of the many advantages of settling here is the low unemployment rate and thriving economic sector.


The Ottawa tourism scene is saturated with travellers, sightseers, visitors and newcomers all year long. With many coming to visit the capital city, there is a gaping need for people to assist in hotel and restaurant positions as well as other service related industries involved in hospitality. A great perk about working jobs in this industry is that you regularly get to meet and interact with new people.

Healthcare & Public Service

In Canada, the public service and healthcare industries are the most important fields to work in. Because Canada is a country that looks after its residents and offers free healthcare facilities, the industry is substantially large enough to break into. Occupations such as caregivers, nurses, doctors, surgeons and other general caregiving positions are available and those interested are encouraged to apply online.


The hi-tech industry ranks as the second largest in-demand industry in Ottawa. Technology makes up most of the commercial income in the country and offers up opportunities in jobs involving software development, engineering, telecommunications, environmental tech and many more. With the centre of activity taking place in the Kanata area, Canadian technology is steadily making its mark on the map.

Manufacturing & Construction

From cars to everyday household items, the manufacturing industry is huge in Ottawa. The Ottawa Valley is especially known for its advanced manufacturing industries. Finding a job in this industry requires specified skills and experience yet Canada has been especially welcoming to internationals looking to expand on their skill set or pick up a new trade so there are also opportunities to learn.


What are the most sought after jobs in Ottawa?

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How can I get a job in one of these industries?

Canada has a relatively specific job application protocol. This page breaks down every step to ensure you have your best possible chance of landing a job in Canada.

Once I have a job, how can I get a Canadian work permit?

Getting a Canadian work permit is relatively straightforward. However, you must ensure you do everything correctly. This page explains how the protocol works and how to ensure you get your best chance of getting a Canadian work permit. 

What are the NOC codes for jobs in these industries?

The Canadian government has a massive database that logs every profession within these industries. Your NOC code depends on the specific occupation you have. This article breaks down the NOC process and how to work out the NOC code for your job.