Quebec City Guide

Quebec City is one of the world’s most visited cities in the world. With over 2 million tourists visiting the city each year, you will fall in love with one of Canada’s most beloved cities.

Welcome to Quebec City

Welcome to Quebec City, where old meets new. Wander this magical city that offers 17th and 18th century historic buildings and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Read more here.

Job Opportunities in Quebec City

A wide variety of jobs are available in the city of Quebec. The most in-demand job in Quebec is Electrical Engineering but the city has a booming job market that focus on most job sectors. Read more here.

Cost of Living in Quebec City

Quebec City is a wonderful city with so much to offer. If you are looking to live in the city, discover the overall cost of living and how much you need to afford accommodation and basic necessities. Read more here.

Welcome to the Neighbourhood

With many neighbourhoods to choose from, Quebec City has a wide variety of different unique communities. From suburbs to luxury apartments, you can decide which one suits you according to your budget and lifestyle. Read more here.

Education in Quebec City

Canada has an impeccable education system with high education standards. The city offers many public schools, colleges and universities and The Universite de Montreal remains the second largest university in terms of enrolment in Canada. Read more here.

What to do in Quebec City

Spend your days exploring Quebec City on its cobble stone streets where you will encounter many fascinating buildings and street artists. Read more here.

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