Nearly 1, 000 Invitations Issued in March PNP Draws

There are several pathways towards immigration and with Canada’s goals to introduce over a million immigrants into the workforce within the next three years, there are more draws happening with higher intakes than ever. The recent March PNP draws in the provinces of Ontario, Prince Edward Island (PEI), Nova Scotia and Manitoba alone have seen nearly 1, 000 invitations issued.

Unpacking the different draws allows candidates to compare their scores and select the right program for their background. There are many different streams available from each province, some linked to the Express Entry system, a fast-track process that controls the federal government’s three main programs. These programs are namely the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program and the Canadian Experience Class. We’ve listed the results of the most recent March PNP draws for both Express Entry linked streams as well as those offered separately by the province.

Ontario Draw

Ontario issued invitations during the March PNP draws.

During the March 21 draw, the province of Ontario issued 361 ITAs through the Skilled Trades Stream which is linked to the Express Entry system. These successful candidates applied for Express Entry between March 21st 2018 and March 21st 2019 in order to be eligible for this draw. The process of this PNP stream happens through a Notification of Interest (NOI) once candidates are already in the Express Entry pool.

The province searches for applicants who meet certain requirements and invites them to apply for a nomination. To be eligible for this stream, candidates must be entered in the Federal Skilled Workers or Canadian Experience Class Programs and currently living in Ontario with one year of working experience. Those who received the nomination were awarded 600 points towards their Express Entry profile.

Ontario PNP Streams

With cities like Toronto and Canada’s capital, Ottawa, there is a vibrancy to this province that provides residents with access to plenty of cultural, sporting and historical events that happen regularly. This is Canada’s most populous province but residents need only explore the many river systems and national parks inside its borders to escape the crowds. Below are some of the streams that can get you to Ontario.

Ontario PNP Streams
Human Capital Category
  • Ontario Express Entry: Human Capital Priorities Stream
  • Ontario Express Entry: French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream
  • Ontario Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream
  • Masters Graduate Stream
  • PhD Graduate Stream
Employer Job Offer Category
  • Foreign Worker Stream
  • International Student Stream
  • In-Demand Skills Stream
Business Category
  • Entrepreneur Stream
  • Corporate Stream

PEI Draw

Prince Edward Island issued invitations during the March PNP draws.

PEI issued over 150 ITAs during its March PNP draws on the 21st through the Express Entry, Labour Impact and Business Impact streams. This brings the total invitations issued through these streams in 2019 to 440. The Express Entry stream works through an Expression of Interest (EOI) system which requires applicants to submit an application to the province from inside the Express Entry pool. The Labour Impact and Business Impact streams are not linked to this system.

PEI PNP Streams

This province is one of Canada’s three Maritime provinces and is known for its agricultural sector, although there are various jobs available across the board. There are also a wide variety of languages spoken with English as most common, then French and thirdly Mandarin! Below are some of the streams that can get you to PEI.

PEI PNP Streams
PEI PNP Express Entry(Express Entry System)
Labour Impact Category
  • Skilled Worker Stream
  • Critical Worker Stream
  • International Graduate Stream
Business Impact Category
  • Work Permit Stream
Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program(Participating Atlantic Provinces in Canada)

Nova Scotia Draw

Nova Scotia issued invitations during the March PNP draws.

The March PNP draws for Nova Scotia have been inconclusive about the number of successful candidates overall but the province selected them through the Labour Market Priorities Stream which is linked to Express Entry. This works through an NOI process and targets candidates with very specific criteria in mind.

For the March 20th draw, candidates were expected to be first-language French speakers (with a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) score of 7) and have a post-secondary school qualification. They must also have been in the Express Entry pool before September 25th 2018. This selection is in an effort to increase the French-speaking community in Nova Scotia through the Francophone Immigration Action Plan.

Nova Scotia PNP Streams

This is the second of the three Maritime provinces and the capital city is Halifax. With access to some of Canada’s best ocean experiences (whale-watching included), this quaint province also offers some of the nations best cultural experiences. Below are some of the streams that can get you to Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia PNP Streams
Skilled Worker Stream
Entrepreneur Stream
International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream
Physician Stream
Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Manitoba Draw

Manitoba issued invitations during the March PNP draws.

The province of Manitoba issued 337 ITAs through the Skilled Workers Overseas Stream which works through an EOI from candidates in the Express Entry pool. 2019 has already seen 1, 931 ITAs issued through this stream. However, not all of these candidates were directly from the Express Entry pool (where the lowest score for this draw was 564) and were sourced from Strategic Recruitment (where the lowest score for this draw was 695) through the help of Canadian employers.

Manitoba PNP Streams

Manitoba is known as one of the three prairie provinces, although the colder climate up north allows for towns like Churchill to provide a home for polar bears and other large animals. Its capital is Winnipeg, a cosmopolitan hub which has many museums and national heritage sites that paint a history of Canada. Below are some of the streams that can get you to Manitoba.

Manitoba PNP Streams
Skilled Worker in Manitoba
  • Manitoba Work Experience Pathway
  • Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway
Skilled Worker Overseas
  • Manitoba Express Entry Pathway
  • Human Capital Pathway
Business Investor Stream
  • Farm Investor Pathway
  • Entrepreneur Pathway
Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative(Community-specific Occupations)
International Education Stream(Manitoba Graduates)

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