6 Tips for Canada Immigration Points

Have you created your Express Entry profile but you are unhappy with your CRS (Comprehensive System Ranking) score? Perhaps you have yet to start your Canadian immigration application because you feel like you won’t have enough points? Do not worry! In this article, we reveal six tips to improve your Canada immigration points wherever you are.

Remember the higher your CRS score the better your chances because Canadian immigration is a merit-based system. This is the rule for everyone who wants to immigrate to Canada, whether you have citizenship in the United Arab Emirates or not. If, however, you are currently living in the UAE, you should probably read our guide on how to immigrate from the United Arab Emirates to Canada first.

1) Redo Your IELTS

As a reminder, your International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test proves your ability to speak, read, write and listen in English. Once you have created your Express Entry profile you can retake your IELTS test as much as you want to improve your score. If you score top-marks for your IELTS, you can earn a maximum of 160 points!

So, while you wait in the express entry pool, we recommend that you keep trying to better your English skills. This test could be the determining factor in your immigration. Also, remember Canada is a bilingual province, meaning you can get even more Canada immigration points for your French abilities as proven by your TEF results.

Improve your Canada immigration points by retaking your IELTS

2) Secure a Provincial Nomination

By now you might know that receiving a provincial nomination (PN) will net you an entire 600 CRS points. If you can secure a PN, you will almost definitely be selected in the next Express Entry draw, seeing as the minimum cut-off point averages around 450.

Unfortunately, this is not the easiest task. You will need to stay up to date with the changing needs of all 13 provinces and territories of Canada as well as the requirements of over 50 subcategories of the Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs). Thankfully, we are here to help. Regularly visit our page dedicated to all things PNP here and we will keep you updated.

3) Get a Job Offer

A job offer from a Canadian employer can make a big difference in your immigration application. If you have one, you can score up to 200 CRS points based on the type of work it is. It is also an essential requirement for several PNPs, so you will truly benefit.

We recommend you start looking for jobs as soon as possible. If you do not know where to start your search, don’t worry. Canada has several resources at your disposal, like the Canadian Job Bank. Sign up for the job bank to get into contact with hundreds of Canadian employers looking for skilled workers like you. Other similar services you might find of use are LinkedIn, Indeed.ca and Monster.ca.

Secure a job offer to improve your Canada immigration points

4) Continue Tertiary Education

Canada really values education and for this reason, they like to reward those who have studied hard. If you have a degree or other tertiary qualification that required three years of study, you can get up to 120 CRS points. In addition, finishing another one year program can earn you eight points.

Another top tip is to continue your tertiary education in Canada with a Study Visa. Not only will you earn points for your qualifications, but you will also be able to gain valuable Canadian work experience that could eventually help you secure a job offer.

5) Learn How Spousal Points Work

If you want to immigrate with your spouse or common-law partner you can earn additional CRS points, but it is not as simple as that. In fact, listing him or her in your application can also negatively impact your points if they do not have a high CRS human capital score.

In other words, if your significant other has a lot of work experience, a high IELTS score and great qualifications, they can boost your CRS. This is because Canada will reserve a few of the possible CRS points that you can score to your spouse if you include them as a second applicant. If he or she does not have a high human capital, those points will still be reserved for them, but they will earn less of them, ultimately bringing down your total CRS score.

6) Canada Immigration Points From Your Siblings

This is probably the most basic tip on our list and yet not many people know this! If you have a brother or sister who is a Canadian citizen, or if they are living in the country as a permanent resident, you can earn an additional 15 CRS points.

This brother or sister doesn’t even have to be related to you through blood. They can be your adopted sibling or your brother or sister in law so, make sure to mention them in your Express Entry profile.

Your sibling can improve your Canada immigration points

Following these 6 tips will certainly improve your Canada immigration points. However, the best way to improve your application is with the help of a professional team. We at CanadianVisa.Org are always ready to take your immigration into our expert hands. Let go of the stress and hassle and sign up for our services to get to Canada here.