Immigrate to Canada from Malaysia

Over the past years, Canada has received a significant increase of people immigrating to Canada from Malaysia. A recent report shows that one-half of the total Canadian population is foreign born.

Why people immigrate to Canada from Malaysia

Canada is extremely friendly to skilled workers wanting to immigrate to Canada. With its booming economy, there is a demand for skilled workers to maintain Canada’s economy. Canada remains loyal to its own people but encouraging foreigners to move to Canada creates a platform where people from different sides of the world can share ideas based on their specialty which enhances the economy of Canada.

One of the main reasons why people immigrate to Canada from Malaysia is that Canada has set up special and considerate immigration laws that allows various people from different sides of the world to immigrate. Canada focuses on four major types of immigration options which are family class, economical immigrants, humanitarians and refugees.

Jobs in Canada

The job market in Canada is booming, offering numerous job opportunities for qualified and skilled migrants. Canada’s minimum wage is $10.50, which means it’s one the best salary benefits for workers compared to Malaysia and the world, with good working conditions. In-demand jobs in Canada include Property Administrators, Managers in Agriculture and Health Information Management occupations. A new demand in jobs also includes Tourism and Hospitality, long-haul truck driving and transportation

There are two pathways to immigrate to Canad

1. Skilled Workers in Canada

Applications are accepted from qualified temporary foreign workers and international student graduates who are currently working in Canada specifically in a province and have been offered a permanent job with their dedicated employer.

2. Skilled Workers Oversea

Applications are accepted from qualified skilled workers who can demonstrate a strong connection to a province through family or friends, past education or employment, or by invitation by provincial government.


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