Canadian Immigration Programs That Don't Need a Job Offer

Do you plan to immigrate to Canada, but don’t have a job offer to apply for your visa? Not to worry, there are many Canadian immigration programs that let you do just that.

In our blog we will talk about just a few of the visa programs that DO NOT need a job offer! Learn about their requirements and which provinces offer them.

First up on the list we have programs under the Express Entry (EE) system. One of the major changes to EE this year is that you no longer need to open an account with the Canadian Job Bank!

What does this mean for you? Well this means is that you do not need to worry about getting a job offer from a Canadian employer if you apply under some programs like the:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program;
  • Federal Trades Program;
  • Canadian Experience Class; and
  • Certain Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

Provincial Nominee Programs

Did you know that not all PNPs require of you to have a job offer to apply? Here are just some of the programs you can apply under.

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program


Have you completed your tertiary education in Ontario? Then maybe the Master Graduate Stream could be for you.

It was created for international students with a Master’s Degree to apply to live and work in Ontario even without a job offer. Another program that doesn't need a job offer is the PhD Graduate Stream. If you are an international student and you received your PhD in Canada, then this is the program for you!

Both programs ensure that you passed your Masters or Phd in Ontario.

You must also meet the basic requirements below:

Have a language benchmark of 7 in English or French;
Have lived in the province as a permanent resident for at least one year out of two;
Have enough funds to support yourself in Ontario (CAD$12,475);
Have plans to live in Ontario and not another province or territory;
Have legal status in the country when you apply; and
Have applied within two years of getting your qualification

Don’t plan to study in Ontario? Not to worry the Ontario Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream will let you apply if you meet the following criteria:

  • Have a valid EE profile;
  • Plan to immigrate to the province;
  • Have received a Notification of Interest from the province; and
  • Qualify under either the Federal Skilled Worker or Canadian Experience Class

Saskatchewan PNP

saskatchewan farmlands

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program Occupations in Demand is a subcategory of the Saskatchewan PNPs. Through this program, you do not need a job offer but you need to have a highly skilled occupation that is in demand in the province.

Think that this sounds like the right immigration program for you? Check out the requirements below to see if you can apply.

Requirements for this program are that you must:

Have one year or more relevant work experience in either NOC level 0, A or B;
Have a Canadian Language Benchmark score of 4;
Have enough funds to settle;
Have completed a 12 month course/diploma/apprenticeship/degree;
Have scored 60 in the SINP grid;
Have a settlement plan; and
Have your job regulated if need be by a regulatory board

Nova Scotia PNPs

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The Entrepreneur stream of the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program (NSPNP) is yet another Canadian immigration program you do not need a job offer for.

If you are interested in opening or investing in a business in Nova Scotia, and have the right work experience (three years in owning your own company), funding (CAD150,000 investment), age (21+), language skills (CLB 5+) and have completed an Expression of Interest as well as received an Invitation to Apply by the province, you and your family stand the chance to become permanent residents of Canada.

The Nova Scotia PNP International Graduate Entrepreneur Program has fewer requirements than the Entrepreneur stream we talked about above. There is no net worth requirement, but you must have owned a Canadian company for at least one year and completed a two year course in the province. Just make sure that you plan to complete your Expression of Interest online so you can receive your Invitation to Apply for permanent residence in the province.

Spousal Sponsorship

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Yet another Canadian immigration program that does not need a job offer is a Spousal Sponsorship visa. Because Canada puts such emphasis on family, it has a Sponsorship program designed to help your close family members immigrate to Canada.

You can only sponsor someone if you are a Canadian citizen and have enough funds to support them. Of course, if you have a criminal history, you cannot qualify as a sponsor. In 2018, family class sponsorships made up around 18% of all immigrants invited into Canada. About 55,800 family members were happily reunited with each other thanks to family sponsorship programs!

As a sponsor you will be expected to:

Apply for biometrics;
Pay an application fee;
Ensure that you fill in any documents needed (depending on the country your partner is applying for);
Make sure you download the application checklist IMM 5525;
Get a Police Clearance Document;
Hand in any valid legal documents like marriage certificates (if applicable); and
Have certified forms of ID like passports or birth certificates

Learn More About Canadian Immigration Programs

These are just some of the many Canadian immigration programs that do not require a job offer for you to apply. Do you want to learn more about immigration? Now you can. Please complete this contact form and we will call you to discuss your future in Canada.