Move to Canada in 2019 - Where do I Start?

Have you ever said, “I want to move to Canada in 2019” ? Then you have come to the right place. Here you will learn how to immigrate to Canada.

First up, if you don’t already know, Canada has a merit-based immigration system that invites applicants to live in the country if they have the right skills and occupations. No, sadly there is no such thing as a Canadian visa lottery or green card system.

Where to Begin

To apply for almost any federal immigration program, you must make sure you have the relevant language ability, occupation, work experience and qualifications.

Finding the Right Visa Program

Most new immigrants come to Canada through three major economic immigration programs the Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Trades Worker Class and the Canadian Experience Class that are all managed by the Express Entry system.

There are also other immigration programs like the International Experience Canada Working Holiday Program that lets you work and live anywhere in Canada for a period of up to two years! This is a perfect solution if you are under the age of 30. The great thing about this program is that you do not need to have a job offer from a Canadian employer to apply.

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Draws for the IEC generally take place every six to eight months with the entire application process taking less than two months in most cases.

Many an immigrant have chosen to move to Canada thanks to the IEC as it gave them the necessary work experience to apply.

If you are unsure about which of the 70 visa programs could be your key to Canada, just complete this contact form and we will be in touch with you to talk about the application process.

What About My Family? Can They Move to Canada?

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Canada believes in family which is why it has designed programs so you can sponsor your close loved ones into the country through Family Sponsorship.

You can sponsor your partner, children and grandparents as long as you meet the basic sponsorship requirements, such as having enough funds to support your dependants and having legal status in Canada as a permanent resident of the country.

Though the process can take some time to formalize, Canada has promised to decrease the processing time for spousal sponsorships by 50% to deal with the backlog left from previous applicants who are still awaiting to reunite with their loved ones in Canada.

The application process itself is much shorter if you and your partner are applying from within Canada rather than if your partner is abroad. The IRCC have promised to reduce processing times from two years down to one! Great news for hopeful couples!

What Do You Mean the Right Language Ability?

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Canada has two main languages that are spoken across the country these are English and French. As a potential applicant, you must prove that you have the appropriate ability in one of these two languages.

How you ask? You must either take an exam called the IELTS(International English Language Testing System) for English speakers or TEF (Test d’evaluation) if you are a French speaker.

After you get your results, they will be transferred into a scoring system called the Canadian Language Benchmark that scores your results in bands from one to nine, with nine being the highest you can score.

Each band rates your skills in speaking, writing, listening and reading. For most immigration programs, you should aim for at least a band of six though this varies so please be aware.

Do You Have the Right Job to Apply?

In case you didn’t know, Canada is on the lookout for immigrants with the right jobs and work experience to help fill in the local job markets because the country just can’t keep up with its growing industries.

Most programs will state that you need to have a NOC level A, B, C or D to apply? What is NOC? What is a level A job? First of all, NOC or National Occupational Classification is how Canada has divided certain jobs.

Each job in Canada has a four digit code that is used to identify it based on your:

  • Job title;
  • Duties; and
  • Qualifications

Finding Your NOC Code in Canada

It is really easy to find your job NOC code in Canada. All you have to do is visit the Canadian government’s website to find out if you have the perfect job to get you to Canada.

Just enter in your job title and click on the links below to make sure that your job description matches your current job. Your NOC code will be on the left hand of the result page along with the Skill Level 0, A, B, C, D, and E.

What Work Experience Do I Need to Apply?

Most, if not all, immigration programs in Canada want you to have a bit of work experience before you come on over. Programs like the Federal Skilled Worker Program require that you have at least one year of full time employment before you apply.

The More Job Experience the Better!

When you move to Canada, the more work experience you have in your job the better.

Under the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) used by the Express Entry system, your score can drastically improve, the more experienced you have.

Years of ExperiencePoints Scored on the CRS

Certain work experience requirements can also change depending on your job. The Alberta Work Experience Class, for example, allows you to apply with two years of experience if your job’s NOC level is 0, A or B. If you have an NOC level C job, then you need at least three years of work experience instead.

Just be aware of your program’s requirements before you start your visa application to avoid any issues later on in the application process.

Are Your Qualification Up to Standard in Canada?

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Before you move to Canada, you will probably need to get your education qualification certified by the province or territory you are applying to.

Why do you need to certify your education? Well it is a simple way to make sure that your education is at the same standard as Canada as there are many different systems around the world.

You will need to have an ECA or Educational Credential Assessment done. This can be completed through companies like WES (World Education Services) within about ten working days and can cost around CAD$200 so make sure you budget appropriately.

There are also certain jobs that will require different standards like those in the medical or teaching profession. You would have to have your qualifications verified by provincial institutions through exams and interviews which can take up to six months to complete so make sure you factor this into your planning.

Is There a Cut Off Age Limit?

Yes there is a age limit to most federal immigration programs. You should be between the ages of 18 and 55, otherwise you cannot apply under any of these economic programs.

Younger applicants can also score higher on their application. If you apply under the Express Entry system and are between the ages of 20 to 29, you will score the highest number of points (100) in this category. Just so you know the older you are the lower score you receive in this category.

Of course when you apply, you can include other dependants under your application.

Explore Canada and What it Has to Offer

Canada is a land of opportunity with a booming economy and flourishing job market for those who know where to look,. Did we also mention that the country is one of the safest places to live in and one of the most beautiful to boot?

If you want to discover what else makes Canada exceptional, check out our blog.