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Canada is a mecca of opportunities for foreign nationals seeking fruitful new beginnings. With favourable immigration laws, the Canadian government is constantly working on attracting highly-skilled immigrants to join its dwindling workforce, due to its aging population. Over the years, the Great White North has become home to many newcomers with financial backgrounds. The country is reported to have a strong, competitive financial and banking sector, which not only contributes to the booming Canadian economy but also provides great opportunities for skilled workers in search of finance and banking jobs in Canada.

As far as financial hubs are concerned, Ontario's capital city, Toronto, ranks second among the top financial centers in North America - after New York. It also ranks as a top employer, globally. The sector comprises a broad range of roles, from accounting, banking, insurance, and investment. If working in Canada is on the cards for you, it's a good idea to research this sector to identify the best options for your specific professional and family needs.

National Occupation Classification (NOC)

With a great need for skilled workers due to its large retiring population, Canada uses the National Occupation Classification (NOC) to categorize occupations and skills based on duties and education.

Currently, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) use NOC 2016 to check the eligibility of candidates applying for the various permanent residency programs. It should, however, be noted that the IRCC will need to cross over to NOC 2021 from November 2022, as per Canadian law.

A Major Change With NOC 2021

Once NOC 2021 is implemented, the usual four-digit format of the system's codes will be replaced with a format that consists of five digits. The updated method is said to be more adaptable than the currently used one. This will create space for additional unit groupings in years to come.

NOC A Financial and Banking Jobs


Relevant to most financial and banking sector jobs, NOC Level A jobs require you to have a university degree. Below is a list of the top NOC A financial and banking sector jobs in Canada.

  • NOC Code 0111: Financial managers - Financial Services Director, Director Accounting Director, Finance Director, Treasurer, Financial Administrator
  • NOC Code 0121: Insurance, real estate, and financial brokerage managers - Insurance Manager, Real Estate Service Manager, Financial Brokerage Manager, Commodities Trading Manager
  • NOC Code 0122: Banking, credit, and other investment managers - Bank Manager, Commercial Banking Manager, Credit Manager, Mortgage and Consumer Credit Manager
  • NOC Code 1111: Financial auditors and accountants - Accountant, Auditor
  • NOC Code 1112: Financial and investment analysts - Financial Analyst, Investment Analyst, Portfolio Manager, Financial Services Research Associate
  • NOC Code 1113: Securities agents, investment dealers, and brokers - Broker, Foreign Exchange Trader, Mutual Fund Broker, Securities Agent, Stockbroker
  • NOC Code 1114: Other financial officers - Financial Investigator, Financial Planner, Mortgage Broker
  • NOC Code 1212: Supervisors, finance, and insurance office workers - Bank Clerks Supervisor, Bookkeeping Supervisor, Payroll Supervisor, Accounting Supervisor
  • NOC Code 1311: Accounting technicians and bookkeepers - Accounting Technician, Bookkeeper, Finance Technician, Accounting Bookkeeper
  • NOC Code 1312: Insurance adjusters and claims examiners - Insurance
  • NOC Code 1313: Insurance underwriters - Insurance Underwriter, Liability Underwriter, Property Underwriter
  • NOC Code 1314: Assessors, valuators and appraisers - Real Estate Appraiser, Property Assessor, Property Valuator, Business Valuator
  • NOC Code 1315: Customs, ship and other brokers - Customs Broker, Cargo Broker, Ship Broker
  • NOC Code 1431: Accounting and related clerks - Accounting Clerk, Audit Clerk, Billing Clerk, Finance Clerk, Tax Clerk
  • NOC Code 1432: Payroll administrators - Pay Advisor, Pay Clerk, Payroll Officer, Salary Administration Officer
  • NOC Code 1433: Banking, insurance and other financial clerks - Bank Clerk, Credit Clerk, Mortgage Clerk, Real Estate Clerk, Securities Clerk, Insurance Rater
  • NOC Code 1434: Collectors - Collector, Collection Clerk, Collection Officer

Do Your Research To Find The Best Finance and Banking Jobs in Canada

It is important to conduct thorough research on career options for your field of expertise in Canada before moving. This will help you find the best opportunities that align with your career goals and the needs of your family, should they join you up north.

The Hiring Process For Finance and Banking Jobs in Canada

As with all jobs, you'll have to go through an interview and screening process so that your prospective employer can determine whether you'll be a good fit for the company. The hiring process for finance and banking jobs in Canada is no different. The process is as follows:

  • Initial screening: A telephone call in which an interviewer discusses the role and all the information about the job.
  • A test: If you are considered to be a good fit for the position, you may have further interviews and various tests.
  • Offer of employment: If you have been successful, you'll be offered the job. The recruiter is likely to call you to make an offer of employment. The offer of employment letter usually follows this.

Find Your Pathway To Canada


Now that you are more familiar with the different jobs in this sector, you'll want to explore the different pathways to get you to Canada. Because you fall into a job category for highly-skilled individuals, you're likely to be eligible for Canadian Immigration. Ready to live and work in Canada for good? Let's see how you can get there.

Express Entry

One of the quickest ways to immigrate to Canada, the Express Entry system was put in place by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to select candidates for immigration via various Federal Economic Immigration programs. These are the Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class, and Canadian Experience Class.

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program is for skilled, educated individuals who have foreign work experience and top-level language linguistic abilities.
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) is for skilled workers who have earned a trade certificate with two years of work experience or an offer of employment from a Canadian company. They will also have to have average language ability.
  • The Canadian Experience Class(CEC) program is for skilled workers who have a minimum work experience of one year.

How to Apply for Canada Express Entry

  • Check whether you are eligible
  • Get a good Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score
  • Make sure you have all of your documents to support your application
  • Create your Express Entry Profile online
  • Secure an Invitation to Apply (ITA)
  • Submit your complete application for Canadian Permanent Residency

Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)

If you manage to secure a Provincial Nomination, you will be able to boost your CRS score by 600 points. This is guaranteed to ensure success in gaining an Invitation to Apply for a Canadian Permanent Residency.

The Canadian government has an agreement with local provinces that allows them to nominate immigrants hoping to live in a particular province. To receive a visa through the PNP, the candidate is required to select their province of choice and apply for a nomination. Each application is assessed, and the decision to grant the ITA is made based on the province's immigration and labour needs, as well as the applicant's intentions to settle. Canadian immigration is vital for the economic well-being of many provinces due to the retirement of many skilled workers.

Benefits of Canadian Permanent Residency

Canadian Permanent Residents will be able to:

    Live and work in Canada
  • Enter and leave without limitations
  • Study further in Canada
  • Have access to universal healthcare
  • Have access to social benefits
  • Apply for Citizenship
  • Be protected under Canadian law as well as the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

With over 100 immigration programs and visas, Canada has many routes to a life of abundance. As a skilled worker you'll find that the opportunities are plenty. Remember, there are over one million jobs waiting to be filled. So why wait another day?

Need help getting started? Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants or RCICs are available to guide you through the entire process, from your evaluation to finding the best possible immigration program for your career and personal requirements.