Top Reasons to Move to Canada from Trinidad and Tobago

Thinking about moving to Canada from Trinidad and Tobago? If you need one good reason to take the leap and start a new life in the Great North, we’ve got 5 excellent reasons that will make you want to start your permanent residency application right away!

Canada is one of the top immigration destinations and it’s not hard to understand why: universal healthcare, a socially progressive government, a reputation for kindness, and a breathtaking natural environment, there’s a lot to look forward to. Canada aims to welcome approximately 300, 000 newcomers in 2021 and you can be one of them. The earlier you start your immigration application, which is a lengthy process, the quicker you and your loved ones will be able to settle into a new, high-quality life in Canada.

Top 5 Reasons to Immigrate to Canada From Trinidad and Tobago

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1. Canada has over 100 immigration and visa programs

Those looking to move to Canada from Trinidad and Tobago will be spoiled for choice. Unlike other top immigration destinations that mainly cater to professional and highly skilled workers, Canada welcomes tradespersons, truck drivers, caregivers, farmworkers, and even servers to apply for permanent residency through one of its more than 100 immigration and visa programs. That’s right, over 100!

These immigration programs are created to help fill job and skills shortages across the country. Canada is the second-biggest country in the world with many sparsely populated regions such as the Atlantic provinces and the Northern cities of Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. Another factor that contributes to Canada’s skills shortages is the lack of interest from young Canadians to pursue highly critical occupations, such as trades, farming, and trucking.

Immigration is a key driver of Canada’s economic growth, and Canada continues to welcome people from overseas to study, work, and settle in the country. In fact, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Marco Mendicino recently announced Canada’s immigration level plan over the next 3 years. Are you ready for it? Canada aims to welcome over 1.2 million newcomers by 2023! Learn how you can be one of them below!

Popular Canadian Immigration Pathways

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As mentioned previously, there are more than 100 different immigration and visa programs available in Canada. The programs are designed for skilled workers, intermediate skilled workers, professionals, business people, recent graduates, tradespeople, and family members of permanent residents among others. To narrow down your options, we briefly discuss the most popular options in the table below.

Ways to Move to Canada
Immigration ProgramDescription
Express EntryThe fastest way to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker from Trinidad and Tobago. You don’t need a job offer to qualify.
Atlantic Immigration PilotA pathway for skilled and intermediate skilled workers to settle in one of the four Atlantic provinces: Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia. You do require a job offer from a designated employer in one of the regions to qualify among other criteria.
Rural and Northern Immigration PilotA pathway for skilled and intermediate skilled workers to settle in one of the 12 rural and Northern communities in Canada. You do require a job offer from a designated employer in one of the communities to qualify among other criteria.
The Agri-Food Immigration PilotA pathway for farm workers with Canadian work experience to immigrate to Canada. Learn more below.
Provincial Nomination ProgramsProvincial immigration programs based on specific Canadian province's economic needs. For example, the Saskatchewan Truck Driver Project.

For which immigration program do you and your family qualify to immigrate to Canada? Find out with our online eligibility assessment today.

2. Agriculture Workers Can Work in Canada Through the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP)

Top Reasons to Move to Canada from Trinidad and Tobago

Canada has an ongoing demand for farm workers during peak farming periods. Farmers in Canada use the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP) to hire eligible workers from Trinidad and Tobago and other hand-picked countries to work for them for a maximum period of 8-months annually.

If you are interested in working in Canada’s booming agriculture industry then you can enter the pool of candidates of the SAWP to stand a great chance to be picked to work in Canada. The average farmworker salary in Canada is $27,008 per year or $13.85 per hour. More experienced and specialized workers can earn up to $45, 000 per year. The benefits of the SAWP include arranged and paid-for transportation by your employer and affordable or free accommodation.

Working in Canada for at least 1-year in an in-demand agriculture occupation, such as food processing, harvesting, and specialized livestock means that you could be eligible for the Agri-Food Immigration Pilot.

3. Enjoy Excellent Free Healthcare and Education

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Having access to good healthcare and education plays an important part in our quality of life but it does not come cheap. Luckily, this is not something you ever have to worry about if you move to Canada from Trinidad and Tobago. Canada’s public healthcare system covers 70% of all medically necessary healthcare. From COVID-19 tests and treatments, necessary medical procedures, to doctor visits and even prescription medicine if you live in Ontario and are under the age of 25 or over the age of 65.

You and your family can visit any of the various premium public clinics or hospitals in Canada headed by world-class doctors and healthcare staff. What’s more, your children can also attend primary and secondary school and obtain quality education for free.

With high minimum wages of $13 per hour and affordable living costs, you’ll have more money to spend on family outings, holidays, and fun activities in Canada – and there are plenty!

4. Live in a Safe Environment

Canada is considered a safe haven around the world due to its low rate of crime and violence. In fact, Canada is believed to be the 7th safest country in the world, whereas Trinidad and Tobago rank as the 6th most dangerous country in the world.

Canada’s crime rate is as low as 1.6 per 100,000. Here you can relax and live in comfort knowing you and your family are safe.

5. Job Opportunities for Foreigners

Canada has recovered almost 76% of all jobs lost due to the pandemic and holds firm that immigration is the answer to get the economy back on track and better than ever. Skilled and semi-skilled workers from overseas can fill in-demand jobs in Canada by applying through various work permit categories. Obtaining Canadian work experience is more often than not the best way to move to Canada from Trinidad and Tobago because it allows you to qualify for more immigration programs, increasing your chances of a successful visa application.

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A Glimpse of Canada

There is no other country in the world quite like Canada. From the bustling city life in Toronto and Vancouver to the tight-knit communities in the Northern regions to the Great Outdoors complete with turquoise lakes and majestic mountains.

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