Why You Should Immigrate to Canada With Your Loved One

The gift of love is more than a moment in time. It’s a lifetime of shared memories in a place to call your own. Canada has over 340,000 places for both you and your loved one this year.

Love is in the air and with so many different options of ways to spoil that someone special, why not gift your loved one with something extraordinary this Valentine’s. Instead of the ordinary box of chocolates or bunch of roses that are both over done and temporary, why not give your partner or spouse the gift of a new life in Canada.

Canada, in the spirit of keeping families together and spreading the love, has developed various ways for you and your partner to move to Canada together. From the spousal sponsorship visa to the option of them accompanying you as a dependant when you immigrate to Canada.

Lets take a look at why immigrating to Canada can be the best choice that you can make for you and your family.

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Top 3 Reasons to Immigrate to Canada with My Spouse

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1. Scenic Wonderland

One reason to immigrate to Canada is that both you and your partner or spouse will be able to enjoy an exceptionally high quality of life. Living in Canada opens up the doors to memorable experiences like no other, including bustling cultural and picturesque city scapes, a wide expanse of natural wonders such as the the Canadian Rockies, 46 gorgeous national parks, the Canadian Rockies, the Northern Lights and of course Niagara Falls, which is not only the most romantic destinations in the world but has given thousands of couples and honeymooners a lover’s escape like no other.

2. High Quality of Life

Canada has a world-renowned universal healthcare system that covers most medical needs including doctor’s visits and emergency hospital care, leaving you free to use your hard earned salary for other expenses like a romantic getaway with that someone special or to go toward your child’s future tertiary tuition.

Canada also has one of the highest levels of public education. And the best part is that your children will be able to receive this high calibre of education at no cost to you! This will prepare them for their future and not only give them the best chance of attaining a Canadian tertiary qualification as well as prepare them for the global professional market.

3. Perfect Place to Raise a Family

Beside the high quality of life, Canada is one of the safest places to raise children. Any country is susceptible to crime, no matter how safe it may be but Canada has some of the safest and most affordable cities to live in in North America. It also has some of the most liveable cities globally. Some of the most family friendly cities can be found in Ontario and British Columbia.

Top 3 FAQs Asked and Answered for Couples Wanting to Immigrate to Canada

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We receive various questions about Canadian immigration but have recently received an influx of questions about how you can immigrate to Canada with your loved one. Here are the top 3 questions about moving to Canada: asked and answered.

1. Can my husband and wife apply separately for Canada PR?

Yes. If your CRS scores are high enough to qualify for Express Entry you can certainly apply separately for permanent residence. But did you know that your chances of receiving an ITA are greatly increased if you apply together. You can earn up to 40 extra points under the Spouse and Common-law factors section. Visit our blog to find out how to improve your CRS score.

2. Do you have to be married to immigrate to Canada?

No. The Spousal sponsorship program allows your spouse, common-law partners or conjugal partner to immigrate to Canada. Canada also reconizes same-sex marriage and will allow you to start your new life in Canada without prejudice.

3. How much income do I need to sponsor my spouse in Canada?

You will need to be able to take care of the person as well as provide for the basic needs of the person you are sponsoring as soon as they become permanent residents. You will be responsible for your partner for 3 years if you are living in any province other than Quebec. There is generally no income requirement as long as you can show that you will be able to take care of them financially

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How Do I Immigrate to Canada as a Couple?

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As mentioned before there are various ways to immigrate to Canada together, but here are our top 3 picks.

1. The Spousal Sponsorship Immigration Stream

Spousal Sponsorship is perhaps the easiest way to allow your spouse to join you in Canada If they are a permanent resident or Canadian citizen already living in Canada they will be able to sponsor you to immigrate to Canada. If you are applying from outside Canada you or your spouse would first need to obtain permanent residence through one of the immigration programs first before being able to bring your spouse over to join you.

2. Express Entry

If you and your partners qualify for Express Entry and are highly skilled individuals you’ll be able to help boost each other’s CRS score simply by applying together through one of the Federal economic immigration programs. The Express Entry System is also one of the quickest ways to immigrate to Canada if your are applying from outside Canada as processing times average at around 6 months.

3. The Provincial Nominee Program

Another option is to apply to immigrate through the PNP (Provincial Nominee Program). Depending on who has the highest skill set , only you or your partner will need to apply for permanent residency through one of Canada's 11 PNPs while the other can be listed as a dependent. You could essentially apply separately but you’d run the risk of one not being accepted and 2 separate applications are also more expensive.

How We Can Help You Immigrate to Canada

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