Find a job in Canada

I am looking for a job in Canada, but where do I even start applying? Moving across the world is exciting but it also means that you have to be prepared to apply for quite a few jobs before you get lucky. Yes, it feels like applying for a job is as time-consuming as a full-time job, but that’s the kind of effort that you need to put into this life-altering move.

There are many great recruitment agencies in Canada who will be happy to assist, but you can also go for it on your own. We have highlighted the top solutions to this questions, so start applying today!

1. Online is the way forward

There is no way that you can ignore the importance of applying online. Sure, there are hundreds of people that are probably applying to the same exact job, but that just means that you need to stand out from the rest. Canadian resumes are different and focus on your volunteer experience with a short and sweet description of your experience. Once you have tailored your CV to Canadian standards, we suggest these sites:




The great thing about using these types of sites is that you can see exactly who is recruiting. You might spot that your dream company is describing someone that sounds exactly like you, so now you can do all the necessary research on their actual website and possibly approach them directly.

2. Start networking

Unfortunately, as in most cases, it always helps to know someone that is already in Canada or the industry. Most of us know that LinkedIn and other social media channels help to connect people who all have similar interests, and it is also a great way of showcasing your work experience. You never know who may discover you or know of some possible jobs available. Make sure people know you are looking for a job and never be shy to accept help.

Whether you are half way across the world or you have already arrived in Canada, there should be online and offline career centers who will help you make the right decisions in your applications. Canada often hosts career fairs across the country, which are filled with helpful advisors.

3. Get hold of recruitment agencies

These are knowledgeable people who know exactly what Canadian employers are looking for in their next employee. There are agencies that specialize in various types of industries and areas of the country, so we suggest that you do your research before contacting these companies.

4. Look into The Job Bank of Canada

This official website offers everything you could ever want when looking for a job in Canada. Besides the up-to-date job listings in every sector, there is also helpful information offered on the different programs and services as well as advice about the job market.

Finding a job can be stressful, but with so many resources and advice out there, we know that you have a great chance of success in the Canadian job market.