The Job Industry in Vancouver

Canada is looking for skilled workers to join their workforce. A shortage of skills while experiencing a dramatic growth rate, has led to the Canadian government to search for workers on an international level.

Main industries


Vancouver hosts one of the largest centres of business, as well as the largest port in Canada. The impressive port handles up to $200 million in cargo on a daily basis and provides over 60 000 jobs.

In the centre of Vancouver, there are many forestry and mining companies that cater to the international market. Most of the produce farming communities are located outside of the city in outlying areas including Surrey, Richmond and Delta.

The forestry industry is understandably rather large, with 62% of British Columbia completely covered in forest. An astounding 162 000 jobs in the province rely on the industry, including the bioenergy sector.

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The business centre of Vancouver is a thriving metropolis of both local and international organisations, employing thousands of individuals across a variety of industries. Some of the world’s biggest brands have relocated to the high-rise buildings of Vancouver, including Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Kodak, Microsoft and Nokia. HSBC banking Canada also has its headquarters located in Vancouver.

Vancouver has developed into a cutting-edge technology centre with developments in the biotechnology, alternative fuels and software development fields.

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Film industry

Known as “Hollywood North”, Vancouver has become one of the top locations for film and TV production in the world. Some movies filmed in the beauty of Vancouver are the coming-of-age comedy Juno and the popular Twilight Saga. As the industry booms, so do the opportunities for keen filmmakers, costume designers, make-up artists and set designers, among other related job roles.

  • set designers, location scouts, producers, directors, camera operators
  • electricians, carpenters and other tradespeople to create and maintain the sets
  • best boys, gaffers, gophers, grips, foley artists (specialised film production jobs)
  • actors, make-up and hair stylists, personal trainers and chefs, assistants
  • editors, writers, post-production digital enhancers, voice overs, special effects


With hundreds of attractions in the city centre, the tourism industry in Vancouver is booming and so is the need for more people in the hospitality sector. Beautiful scenery and a plethora of outdoor activities that will interest any age are just a stone’s throw away.

Have you got experience in the industry or you know that you are a good fit for hospitality? Then the tourism industry may be for you. In Vancouver, one of the biggest tourist spots is Whistler. This vacation town is perched in the Coast Mountains, only a 2-hour trip outside of the city. Here, the ski resort is busy throughout winter and summer, offering many different activities to visitors from around the world. Many students and international workers choose to find a job in Whistler at the many hotels and restaurants, or they become ski instructors and run various programmes. Many of these workers join The Working Holiday Program, which offers applicants from select countries the opportunity to work in Canada while travelling and exploring. Find out more about the Working Holiday Program here.