Top 5 Paying Jobs in Toronto – Without a Degree

Are you looking for a job in Toronto but have no degree or formal qualification? It turns out that there are many jobs that pay well and offer some fantastic opportunities in the field. If you have the skills and the know-how, you can apply for these jobs and expect to earn a fair salary upwards of $29,529 per year.

1. Transit driver: $29,529 – $63,480

Earning an impressive average salary, Transit drivers must meet certain requirements to qualify for a position in the industry. While the criteria vary by company, you will need a high school diploma, an Ontario Class G Driver’s license and you must be able to prove that you are an upstanding citizen.

As a Transit driver, you will be able to transport people through the beautiful cities of Ontario or you could end up driving on long-distance routes to other provinces.

2. Web Developer: $32,186 – $67,521

young student working off apple computer

While some companies will want you to have some type of course or qualification, many web designers are self-taught. These individuals manage to do well in the industry because of their natural talent and dedication to keeping up to date in an ever-changing industry. This base salary does vary, with some of the top developers in Canada earning more than $100 000 per annum.

3. Executive chef: $38,903 – $82,286

Do you have a passion for cooking and the skills to match? There are so many restaurants, cafes, and diners in Canada that offer talented chefs the opportunity to show off their abilities. You will need a certificate in the trade, as well as experience in the industry to apply for a job in this stressful, yet rewarding industry.

As an executive chef, you may be required to plan menus, purchase fresh produce and supervise the kitchen staff.

4. Bartender: $18,000 – over $100,000

You won’t need any qualifications for this type of job, but experience in the industry is definitely a plus. Depending on the type of bar and your talent at pouring drinks and earning tips, your yearly salary could hit quite an impressive sum. Working in the industry also means that you will be able to meet many interesting people and you can explore the city in your spare time.

5. Realtor: $24,626 – $105,100

couple shakes hands with real estate agent

As a realtor, your salary is always dependent on the housing market and opportunities. If you have a natural talent for sales, a high school diploma, and a real estate license, you can earn a fair salary in the industry.

While a degree or qualification can be helpful when applying for a job in Canada, there are many opportunities out there for passionate, dedicated, and hard-working people.

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