Beware: Fake Canadian Immigration Lottery Scam

Winning a Visa to migrate to Canada may seem very attractive, but if you do receive Whatsapp messages, emails, or text messages from an unknown number to register for a so-called Canadian Visa Lottery 2018, you are being scammed. 

Canadian immigration is well sought after, due to the quality of life and employment benefits, Canada offers international workers and their families. Sadly, there are a few fraudulent websites that take advantage of hopeful people who are desperate for a better and brighter future through Canadian immigration. 

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Steer Clear Of Fake Websites

There are many fake Canadian Immigration websites that claim to provide information on how to apply for Canadian Visa Lottery. These websites track users by:

  • taking them via links to sites that inject malware into their computer system and steal their personal information, like banking details and identification; or
  • the website takes you to a form you have to fill in to apply for the Visa Lottery, the personal information you disclose on the form is stolen by the website and they can use this information to their benefit.
  • In addition, the websites install virus software on your mobile device or computer to compromise your device. 

Here is a list of a few websites to avoid at all cost

If you want to migrate to Canada, there are authentic, secure, and professional online immigration services that can assist you through the visa process. These services will ensure you go through the correct channels to attain your visa to successfully migrate to Canada. Qualified Immigration Representatives, situated in Canada will also be available and guide you through the process.