Canada Cares: Humanitarians Give Back on a Global Scale

Canada cares, not just about its citizens or permanent residents but has a well-known history for helping those in need globally. The Canadian Humanitarian Assistance Fund (CHAF) provides humanitarian assistance to those in crisis. 

In its first 18 months since its inception in April 2014, CHAF provided $2.5 million in funding to 8 global disasters in Bangladesh, Cameroon, Niger, South Sudan, Turkey, Iraq, Democratic Republic of Congo, India and Nepal in the following ways:

  • Iraq: hygiene products, education and child protection were provided for displaced people 
  • Democratic Republic of Congo: food, household items and protection were provided for displaced people 
  • Cameroon: improved nutrition for people displaced by violence 
  • Niger: food, water, sanitation and hygiene for people displaced by violence; 
  • Nepal: food and livelihood support for those affected by flooding and landslides 
  • Bangladesh: water, sanitation and livelihood support for those affected by flooding 
  • Turkey: shelter, water and sanitation support for the surge in refugees from Syria 
  • India: water and sanitation for those affected by Category 4 typhoon in coastal regions

This phenomenal humanitarian initiative allows CHAF to provide funding for necessities such as:

  • emergency food
  • water;
  • sanitation and hygiene;
  • emergency health care; and
  • shelter.

Canada not only provides funding for international humanitarian projects but opens up its borders to thousands of refugees and protected persons every year. Canada aims to provide aid to 49,700 refugees and protected persons and another 4,500 humanitarian and other cases find their new home in Canada in 2020.

And not only does Canada take on global humanitarian projects but it also ensures that its own citizens are taken care of. In light of the current pandemic, the Canadian government has already provided over $82 billion in financial assistance and support to all Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

It’s no wonder so many newcomers have chosen to move to Canada. If you are interested in helping Canada in its humanitarian projects, why not apply for a Working Holiday Visa through a volunteer program? It's a great way to travel to Canada and meet new people while making a positive impact on the lives of so many people who are in need around the world.

How CHAF is Continuing to Help - One Project at a Time

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Those who have already chosen to move to Canada can be proud to call this caring community their new home. In September 2015, Global Affairs Canada committed to provide $9.5 million in funding to support CHAF humanitarian projects over the following three years. This has allowed CHAF to continue to provide emergency response to those in need.

Current emergency operations

June 2020

El Salvador – Tropical Storm Amanda and Tropical Depression Cristobal

$297,500 has been made to support PLAN International in providing immediate assistance to approximately 6,000 people for four months in response to Tropical Storms Amanda and Cristobal.

May 2020

Uganda - Floods

$299,000 - Save the Children Canada in providing immediate assistance to approximately 8,000 people for five months in response to flooding caused by intense seasonal rains.

April 2020

Vanuatu – Tropical Cyclone Harold

$212,500 - World Vision in providing immediate assistance to approximately 6,035 people for six months in response to Tropical Cyclone Harold.

February 2020

Pakistan – Cold Weather and Heavy Snowfall

$350,000 - Islamic Relief Canada in providing immediate assistance to approximately 44,400 people for four months in response to heavy snowfall in Balochistan province.

volunteers preparing food donations boxes | Canada Cares

Past Emergency Operations

From January 2018 to December 2019, CHAF has managed to assist over 283,974 people in countries across the globe in their time of need:

Past Emergency Responses Supported By CHAF
Country/DisasterHumanitarian OrganisationFunding
Philippines – Typhoon KammuriCARE Canada$306,850
Philippines - EarthquakesPlan International Canada$297,500
Ghana - FloodsCARE Canada$255,000
Mali – FloodsIslamic Relief Canada$297,500
Bangladesh and FloodsIslamic Relief Canada$299,000
India – Cyclone Fani Islamic Relief Canada$297,500
Mozambique – Tropical Cyclone KennethOxfam Canada$299,000
Afghanistan - FloodsOxfam Canada$260,000
Malawi – Tropical Cyclone IdaiOxfam Canada$297,500
Mozambique – Tropical Cyclone Idai Oxfam Canada$595,000
Cuba - TornadoOxfam Canada$297,500
Somalia – Tropical Storm SagarSave the Children International$208,750
Ethiopia – FloodingIslamic Relief Canada$292,500
Fiji – Tropical Cyclone KeniOxfam Canada$172,500
Papua New Guinea – EarthquakeCARE Canada$307,500
Philippines – Typhoon Urduja (Kai-Tak)Oxfam Canada$189,000
Tonga – Cyclone Gita Oxfam Canada$127,500
Uganda - Population Movement Save the Children Canada$225,000
Philippines – Typhoon Urduja (Kai-Tak)Oxfam Canada$189,000

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Canada Cares. And So Do We.

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