Canada Extends Permanent Residence to War-Affected Ukrainians with Family in Canada

On July 15, the federal department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced that, starting October 23, the new application route for Ukrainians will provide permanent residence to people who have fled Russia’s war against Ukraine and want to stay in Canada.

While details are still to follow, the announcement has sparked hope among many, showcasing Canada's dedication to supporting war-affected Ukrainians and their families.

Canada Opens PR Routes to Ukrainians

Canada has introduced a new pathway for family reunification, granting permanent residence to eligible Ukrainians affected by the ongoing conflict. From October 23, 2023, until October 22, 2024, Ukrainian nationals residing in Canada with temporary status and a family connection to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident can apply for permanent residence.

Further information regarding the program and application process will be provided closer to the launch in October. This initiative reinforces the Canadian government's ongoing efforts to support Ukrainian nationals through various immigration benefits implemented since March 2022.

Who’s Eligible?

The new pathway will be available to Ukrainians in Canada with temporary resident status and who have at least one family member in Canada.

“More detailed information, including how to submit an application, will be made available closer to the launch of the program,” IRCC stated.

According to the federal government, the newly introduced permanent residence pathway for Ukrainians does not require any financial obligations, and families will have until October 22, 2024, to submit their applications.

The IRCC highlighted that introducing this new permanent residence pathway for Ukrainians would not affect the Parents and Grandparents Program quota. The department emphasized that Ukrainians approved under this pathway will be considered separately from family members applying through the parents and grandparents program.

What is the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET)?

The Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) allows Ukrainian nationals and their family members to come to Canada and stay for up to 3 years. During their stay, Ukrainians can apply for a free visitor visa and an open work permit and study in Canada.

The CUAET application can be submitted online, and biometrics may be required. Once approved, applicants receive a decision letter with instructions on the next steps, including passport submission and travel arrangements.

Ukrainians who hold a CUAET visa will have until March 31, 2024, to travel to Canada under the temporary special measures offered by the Canadian government. Canada stopped accepting new applications for the CUAET on July 15. However, Ukrainians and their family members can still apply for a temporary resident visa (TRV) to come to Canada.

Once in Canada on a TRV, Ukrainians and their families can extend their stays for up to three years through study permits and open work permits, which IRCC will prioritize. In addition, they will have access to settlement services, including language training and employment supports. Since its launch in March 2022, the CUAET has enabled over 166,000 Ukrainians to move to Canada.

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