Canada Immigration News: 545 PNP applicants invited to immigrate to Canada

Canada Immigration News: A new draw has taken place! The Provincial Nomination program draw took place on May 11. Every two weeks, 545 applicants are selected from a pool of candidates and are given Invitations to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency (PR) status in Canada.

Permanent residents in Canada are afforded many benefits and opportunities. While you can get a job, open a bank account and buy a car while you’re on a temporary visa, a PR status gives you the stability you so deserve. You can also apply for benefits like free universal healthcare through your province and send your kids to school for free. Applying for permanent residency in Canada is one of the best things you could do.

It's no surprise why millions of people apply to live and settle in Canada. However, not everyone gets in! Why is that? Canada is an inclusive country filled with opportunities but they set a bar for PR status based on your skill, experience, age and qualifications. These factors get accumulated to calculate your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score which determines your selection in the pool.

Each draw is different! For this draw, the cut-off sat at 753 CRS points. While that seems a little high, you should remember that Provincial Nominations automatically grant you 600 points out of the total 1200 you can achieve.

It's also date-specific. Meaning that the tie-breaking rule was set for December 15, 2021, at 20:32:57 UTC. If low-score applicants submitted their profiles to the Express Entry pool before this, they were still eligible.

Express Entry System vs Provincial Nomination Program

When applying for permanent residency in Canada, remember that Express Entry is not a type of visa, but rather an online system for you to apply for various permanent residency pathways. Most visa processes under the Express Entry System have been closed. Since December 2020, applications for the Federal Skilled Worker Program have been paused and Canadian Experience Class applications stopped being processed in September of 2021.

The recent Canada Immigration News announced by Minister of Immigration, Sean Fraser, came as a delight to many who have been waiting for years to get permanent residency. He announced that the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada IRCC would begin processing visas for both these programs from July.

However, due to the continuous shortage of skilled and unskilled workers in Canada, PNP applications have continued to be processed in order to assist provinces with the necessary labour required to keep Canada's economy strong.

Applications for permanent residency through one of the 11 Provincial Nomination Programs are run through the Express Entry System.

Find out the process of applying for permanent residency in Canada through the Provincial Nomination Program or follow us below for more Canada Immigration News.