Fredericton’s Gates Are Open for Immigrants

If you are looking to migrate to Canada then Fredericton should be at the top of your list of places to move to. The capital of New Brunswick is aiming to boost its population by a staggering 25,000 people. It looks like Fredericton has become a hot spot for people that want to migrate to Canada and they certainly have the statistics to back that claim.

New Brunswick immigration recorded 1,470 newcomers in 2018 alone and the city is adamant to continue this trend. Fredericton Mayor, Mike O’Brien, had this to say about the town, “We’re small and we’re friendly, and here in Fredericton we’re green and clean and we’re safe and everybody can reach out to the community at any time.

If you are in search of New Brunswick immigration options then you will be delighted to hear that the province is partnering with a whopping nineteen organizations to create and implement a sustainable five year immigration strategy, particularly in the Fredericton region. The region aims to attract 1,000 newcomers every year for the next 25 years.

Immigrants entering Canada

Why Move to New Brunswick?

People all over the world are looking to migrate to Canada for the quality of life and the overall work/life balance the country affords its people. New Brunswick immigration should be at the top of your list and here’s why. If you are a no frills person that enjoys serene surroundings teaming with lakes and forests, then Fredericton is perfect for you.

If you’ve been struggling on your mortgage payments and you simply can’t keep up anymore, then you will be elated by the real estate prices in New Brunswick. Real estate here is amongst the cheapest in Canada. According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, an average house in New Brunswick would cost you just $169,000.

Fredericton in New Brunswick gives you the chance to own land that the wealthy would generally only have access to. Furthermore, when you migrate to Canada you get the opportunity to live in communities where people still genuinely care and help one another because that’s what life is truly about.

An immigrant that recently migrated to Canada from Dubai had this to say about his new home in New Brunswick, “It’s because of the people. The people here are amazing. The people here are very supportive and helpful and they make the difference”, explains Mohammad Kahirallah.

New Brunswick immigration can be extremely tricky but with our help here at we can help you migrate to Canada effortlessly.

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We Can Help You Migrate to Canada

We have a New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program. The New Brunswick PNP is an immigration program made possible through an agreement with the Canadian government. As an economic program, it selects and nominates qualified skilled workers from around the world to live in New Brunswick, with the hope that they will contribute to the province’s economy through full-time, ongoing employment.

The New Brunswick PNP accepts applications under the following immigration categories:

  • New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program Express Entry Labour Market Stream;
  • New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program Skilled Workers With Employer Support Stream;
  • New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program Entrepreneurial Stream; and
  • New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program Post Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream.

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program Express Entry Labour Market Stream (EELMS)

The EELMS is a branch of the Federal Express Entry stream that’s new to the province. If you would like to immigrate to New Brunswick quickly, this is your best option. However, you must first meet the specific criteria set by the EELMS.

These requirements are minimal and you should be able to meet them with little to no trouble. The scheme requires that you hold a secondary school graduation certificate or diploma. You also need at least 1 year’s relevant work experience and must be between 22 and 55 years old.

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program Skilled Workers With Employer Support Stream

This category is meant for foreign nationals who have a genuine, full-time job offer from a New Brunswick employer. If you would like to migrate to Canada under this option then you would need a legitimate job offer which is included in the NOC (National Occupational Classification) skill levels. The job should address a skills shortage in the province, therefore allowing you to uplift the community through your work.

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program Entrepreneurial Stream

The Entrepreneurial stream was designed for experienced business people who want to acquire Canadian permanent residence status in New Brunswick through owning and managing a business in the province.This option requires a substantial investment into the country.

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program Post Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream

approved visaThe Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial stream allows internationals, who graduated from recognized tertiary institutions in New Brunswick and started or acquired a business in the province on a Post-Graduate work permit, to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

This may all seem like gibberish to you and a bit difficult to understand but thankfully we have a team of professional Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants on call to guide you through the process effortlessly. Let us help you.

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