IEC Immigration Program Has Opened Its Pools For New Applicants For 2023

If you have thought of exploring Canada, but not on a permanent basis, then we have some exciting news for you received from the Canadian government itself.

What Is International Experience Canada?

International Experience Canada is an organization within the IRCC that issues ITAs to newcomers to Canada who wish to explore the country while also working on a temporary basis. Its main function is as a working holiday visa program that allows youth from around 30 countries to work and travel in Canada.

Besides working holiday visas, the IEC also offers a young professionals visa for individuals with working arrangements for a job in Canada prior to making an application. Lastly, there is an international co-op program for students who have arranged to be placed into a co-operative program in Canada.

The RCIC liaises with the IEC on behalf of clients who have applied for a Working Holiday, Young Professionals or International Co-Operative program and makes arrangements for them to submit their applications to the IEC in a timely and proper manner.

How Many People Are Invited To Apply For A Working Holiday Visa Per Year?

The IEC usually sets a target for the number of working holiday visa admissions they want each year. Last year the IEC welcomed around 80,000 invitations, a statistic that brought back their admission targets to pre-pandemic levels. For the 2023 season, the IEC has set a 20% increase in their admission target goals.

This equates to an expected increase of 90,000 youth to be admitted from around 30 countries around the world for 2023. This was announced recently from the official twitter account of the IEC.

What Are The 2023 Admission Requirements?

For people looking to move to Canada on a Working Holiday Visa program, the IRCC has provided a pathway for you to apply without having to go through the hassle of regular application channels. If you’re interested in applying for this program then you will need to be aware of the new requirements for 2023.

The necessary requirement for you to begin the process of applying begins with the creation of a profile with a registered immigration consultancy or official government site. Once an IEC account has been created for you with a corresponding evaluated CRS score, you will need to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the IEC.

With the updated 2023 requirements, you will need to accept the ITA within 10 days, a deadline which will be included in your invitation. Should you accept the ITA within the given deadline, another deadline of 20 days will be given to you to apply for a work permit online.

For a step by step breakdown of the process of accepting your invitation before the 20 day deadline expires you can view the official government site online.

If the deadline expires before you’re able to accept the invitation then you will need to reapply through the creation of a new IEC profile, get accepted into the pool again and only then will be considered for future ITAs.

Should you wish to decline an invitation but are hesitant to do so for fear that doing so will exclude you from receiving future invitations, then you can fear no longer. The IEC will retain your candidacy and eligibility for future invitations even if you opt to decline one for now.

Sometimes your application can be accepted in more than one pool but an ITA will be issued to you for one category. If this happens then it means that you will no longer be eligible to receive another ITA from a different pool unless you decline the initial invitation or your work permit application was refused.

How To Ensure That You Meet Application Deadlines And Requirements?

The documentation needed to support your application for a Working Holiday Visa work permit. The process of gathering the required documentation can be a daunting task. Should you need assistance with drawing up the correct documentation and guidance with submission deadlines then contacting an RCIC or immigration consultancy company.

Should you be accepted into the IEC pool, you should immediately get your documentation ready since the certification process can take a while. It is much easier to meet the 20 day application deadline to submit your work permit application with supporting documentation if you prepare all these documents in advance.


What kind of work is offered by the Working holiday Visa program?

There are no specific jobs outlined solely for the Working Holiday Visa program but the general rule is that they tend to require very little to no experience and involve some form of menial labor. Examples of these jobs include farmhands, homecare workers, bartenders, cleaners etc.

What is the duration of the working holiday?

The duration of the working holiday ranges between one to two years. However, an extension can be arranged for via the IEC should the recipient of the working Holiday Visa wish to continue their stay.

Differences in working holiday arrangements between Canadian provinces

Applicants should be aware that there are differences in working holiday arrangements between Canadian provinces. The differences are a result of the differing labor and skills shortage or needs of the province. Therefore a careful look at each province's needs will inform you on which province you would be most suitable for your needs.