Immigrants Wanted: Canadians Are Getting Old

Moving to Canada made easy due to aging Canadians

Canada is faced with a problem. Their people are getting older and the population growth is suffering. Each year fewer Canadians are born while Canadian life expectancy rises. This trend reached a staggering high in 2016 when, for the first time in Canadian history, the number of seniors exceeded children.

Now the government is tasked with addressing the problem. A possible solution? Welcome more immigrants to Canada. Moving to Canada may become easier than ever before.

More immigrants moving to Canada may solve the problem

Recent statistics suggest that by the year 2031 one in four Canadians will be over 65. An older population means that there are fewer people available to do work. This will lead to a drop in the Canadian economy. For this reason, the Canadian government is desperate to increase the number of workers.

One of the possible solutions to the problem is increasing the number of immigrants allowed in Canada. After two record-breaking years in 2016 and 2017, Canada Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen hinted that even more immigrants will be moving to Canada in 2018

Younger families and workers needed

Younger immigrants may be the most desired for the future.

In a similar report by The Conference Board of Canada, it was suggested that younger new arrivals may be more beneficial for Canada. The reason is quite simple: if more people come to start their families and careers in Canada, the country will benefit from their work and eventually their children’s work.

As the Canadians age, they retire and require more assistance from social welfare systems in Canada. Young families and workers can then sweep in to take those jobs, feeding the economy to once again provide for the elderly. This creates a cycle leading to more job opportunities in Canada.

Avoid the rising price of housing when moving to Canada

As more people enter the country the demand for housing increases. A simple lesson in economics will tell you that an increase in demand leads to an increase in price. This means that the more people move to big cities like Vancouver and Toronto the more expensive it will be to live there.

We recommend migrating to less populated provinces in Canada like Ontario, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward. These provinces especially need more people to work and populate the area.

A new report on Canada’s demographic trends reveals that Ottawa will need to raise its annual immigration level by one-third to 407,000 by the year 2030 to keep their economy growing. For this reason, you can expect to live quite cheaply in the province.

Nova Scotia’s “Study and Stay” support program will become more popular and is already spreading to three other Atlantic provinces. The program helps international students find employment. Hussen said the program will be extended to help population growth in specific areas.

Fishermen houses in Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada

Moving to Canada the expressway

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