Immigrate to Manitoba as International Graduates

Manitoba has revealed two new ways you can immigrate to Manitoba as an international graduate! This comes hot on the heels of Canada revealing its new immigration plans for 2021 to let in more than 1.3 million more skilled immigrants.

The two programs that Manitoba has introduced are the new International Student Entrepreneur Pathway and the Graduate Internship Pathway that opened for the first time on November 1, 2018.

These new pilot programs fall under the Manitoba’s International Educational Stream (IES). The province also has plans to open yet another program called the Career Employment Pathway which is set to start on November 30, 2018.

All three of these programs fall under the International Education System (IES) and are some of the ways that the provinces are seeking to help nominate international students to move to the province permanently.

About the Graduate Internship Pathway

intern getting pointers from co-worker

This program was created for international students who have either completed a Masters or PhD through internships.

The internship programs like the Accelerate or Elevate can immediately apply for the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program (MPNP) as soon as they graduate. They do not even need a job offer unlike other immigration streams!

Some of the requirements of the Graduate Internship Pathway are that you must:

  • Have completed a Masters or PhD in Manitoba;
  • Have scored at least a 7 on the Canadian Language Benchmark
  • Have completed an internship under either the Accelerate or Elevate program;
  • Have enough funds to live in Manitoba, you can prove this through either:
    • Long term employment in the province; or
    • Bank statements to show the amount of at least CAD$12,475 in your account if you apply alone
  • Have the intent to work and live in Manitoba after your nomination; and
  • Must apply for this program while living in Manitoba

You must also attend an Information Session before you submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the pathway. You can email the Manitoba Immigration office at to book an information session.

Successful applicants will get a temporary work permit that will last two years thanks to the new pilot program and can put you one step closer to permanent residence in Manitoba.

Requirements for the Student Entrepreneur Pathway

young business entrepreneur

Another new pathway that has opened up to let you immigrate to Manitoba is the Student Entrepreneur Pathway.

This pathway was designed to help booming entrepreneur make their way into Canada’s markets. 20 applicants will be accepted each year if they meet the requirements of the Business Performance Agreement. If they do meet this condition, they will be nominated by the province.

Besides meeting the Business Performance Agreement, you must also meet the following requirements:

You must have a business plan that you will include in your application;
You must have operated a business prior to your application for at least 6 months as a senior manager;
You must have operated this company owning at least 51% of it;
You must have scored at least a 7 on the IELTS based on the Canadian Language Benchmark;
You must have completed a university degree that lasted for two years;
You must be between the age of 21-35 years of age;
You must have signed a Business Performance Agreement (BPA) before your apply for MPNP;
You must have sufficient funds for at least 12 months, this is shown through an LIC (Low Income Cut-Off);
You must also have:
  • A valid work permit or PGWP (Post Graduation Work Permit) when you apply;
  • Lived in the province since your graduation; and
  • Intend to live in Manitoba after you are nominated

Please note that you do not need to have a minimum net worth to apply for this program, although it can be used as a way to evaluate your application so please be aware. This normally includes a Verification Report that you must include with your application.

You must also book an information session before you can submit any documents under program. Just simply email Manitoba Immigration at to book an appointment.

Thanks to pathway programs like these, Manitoba has invited over 130,000 people into its borders since 1998.

How to Immigrate to Manitoba as an International Graduate

Manitoba is trying to attract more immigrants than ever before with its introduction of both the Student Entrepreneur Pathway and Graduate Internship Pathway.

Not to mention, that the province also plans to open yet another pilot program by the end of the month called the Career Employment Pathway! Because we know that immigration to Manitoba is complicated, we have made our application process easy.

Simply sign up on our site and we will call you to give you all the information you need to get started. Discover how you can immigrate to Manitoba today.