New Brunswick Immigration Numbers Boosted by 7,500!

New Brunswick (NB)is on the lookout for skilled immigrants due to massive labour shortages that have been hitting the province for years. The province announced that it will increase the number of immigrants to 7,500 each year to help deal with this issue.

The following list showcases the number of people that have gone through New Brunswick immigration programs from 2011 to 2016 according to a report by Statistics Canada.

  • 780 through economic programs;
  • 10 through business programs;
  • 2,375 through the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program; and
  • 1,240 through family sponsorships

The additional 7,500 immigrants will give New Brunswick a much needed boost in its major industries like transport, construction, business, finance and medicine. Natural and applied sciences have been the hardest hit labour markets according to an occupations report done by NB Jobs in 2017.

Best New Brunswick Immigration Programs

Most recently the province introduced a number of programs like the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project that was created in 2017. Because of its popularity, the program has been extended to continue in 2019 as well. Thanks to this program, 2,000 new immigrants can choose to migrate to any of the four Atlantic provinces like New Brunswick if they have the right skill set and work experience the province needs.

Through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, companies are on the lookout for talented workers to hire for full-time employment and not just seasonal work like many other countries do around the world.

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) is also very popular. Some subcategories for skilled workers even enjoy a fast processing time of six months. It has let many people apply for New Brunswick immigration so long as they meet the requirements like having the right job qualifications, work experience, employment offer, age and language skills. You can also be more viable to immigrate under the NBPNP if you already have close family living in the province as permanent residents.

There are several categories under the NBPNP system:

  • NBPNP Skilled Worker Applicants with Employer Support;
  • NBPNP Express Entry Labour Market Stream (Skilled Workers);
  • NBPNP Skilled Worker with Family Support; and
  • NBPNP Entrepreneurial Streams

These categories all allow talented and experienced workers to move to the stunning province as skilled workers, entrepreneurs and international graduates from the province.

Can you qualify for any of the above New Brunswick immigration programs? We can help. Just complete our contact form to get in touch with a professional who will personally discuss your immigration and how the application process works from start to finish.

Reasons to Move to New Brunswick

Stunning Nature

In terms of natural beauty, New Brunswick comes out on top. The province is filled with iconic natural wonders, like the Bay of Fundy that has the highest tides in the entire world surrounded by natural rock formations between the land and the sea. This location should definitely be on your list of places to visit in New Brunswick./p>

Because the province is surrounded by ocean waters, canoeing, deep sea fishing and seasonal whale watching tours are all readily available to any adventurer looking to experience something new and exciting.

Ever worried that Canadian waters are too cold to swim in? Don’t stress. In the Parlee Beach Provincial Park of New Brunswick you will find the warmest salt waters in Canada sitting at a toasty 29 degrees. Did we also mention that it is the lobster capital of the world? So why not spoil yourself and your family in the surf and sun?

grand manan island

No matter your interests, you can always find something to do in New Brunswick.

Healthcare in New Brunswick

Great healthcare is yet another benefit to living in NB. As with most provinces in Canada, public healthcare is free for all Canadian residents.

Residents get around $6,500 to spend on their medical needs and the province even has preventional services like the NB Prescription Drug Program and the Cancer Network to help you keep your health on track.

With over 50 medical facilities in the province, you can definitely ensure both you and your family live a long and happy life.

Great Public Education

The province also focuses on educating its future generations with all schools having full access to internet for their students to give them the best options possible.

Public education from kindergarten to high school is also totally free for residents to help your children get a qualify education without breaking the bank.

New Brunswick also has over 100 private training institutions and five great universities to choose from like:

  • Crandall University;
  • Mount Allison University;
  • St. Thomas University;
  • Université de Moncton; and the
  • University of New Brunswick

Did you know that if you graduate from a Canadian university as an international student, you could qualify for permanent residency? Yes the International Graduate Program and Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream (PGES) are just some of the ways to help get your foot in the door of New Brunswick immigration.

Housing Costs are Cheaper

new brunswick countryside

One of the main hurdles faced by many new immigrants is the cost of living, especially when it comes to rent and housing.

This is not an issue in the province of New Brunswick. Because of the shortages of skilled labour and low population growth, the province has some killer deals when it comes to rent.

Not to mention that property costs are one of the lowest in Canada, so you can invest in family home without ruining your budget. House prices can go as low as $139,000 for a five bedroom house and garden with some of the smaller properties selling for close to $100,000. On average you can expect to pay $174,893 for a family home, according to a report by the New Brunswick Real Estate Association in 2017.

Still think it sounds a bit pricey? Not in comparison to Toronto, Ontario that has an average housing price of $824,336 as stated by CBC news.

As a new immigrant to the province, you will also be introduced to the Newcomers Guide to Canadian Housing to help you learn all you need to know about renting, mortgages and everything to do with finding the perfect family home.

New Brunswick is definitely unique in all aspects including its nature, culture and economy. Want to read more about the immigration programs in New Brunswick or learn more about provincial life? Now you can, just click here to learn all you need to know on our website.