North Bay Launches Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot!

In the latest immigration news, North Bay launched its Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP). There are currently ten communities accepting applications through the RNIP with the latest addition being the region of North Bay, Ontario. The final community that is yet to launch its immigration pilot is the region of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Foreign nationals looking for an alternative way to immigrate to Canada can now add North Bay to their list of cities to settle in. The community-driven immigration program aims at attracting professionals and intermediate skilled workers from overseas to the region.

Find out what you need to qualify for the RNIP below and why you should consider living in North Bay!

What is the Rural Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP)?

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The RNIP is designed to help participating in rural and northern communities in Canada gain access to skilled workers and support from the federal government to help newcomers settle in as part of the local communities. These communities face many challenges, including aging populations, labor shortages, and out-migration of youth. Very few immigrants are spread-out across Canada and instead, tend to settle in large urban centers such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, potentially missing out on lucrative opportunities elsewhere.

That’s about to change, the RNIP aims to shine the spotlight on the lesser-known communities across the four provinces by removing any barriers. Community-employers will be involved in the recruitment and immigration process by pinpointing labor shortages and offering foreign workers permanent employment.

Participating Communities

  • Newly launched: North Bay, Ontario
  • Sudbury, Ontario
  • Timmins, Ontario
  • Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
  • Thunder Bay, Ontario
  • Brandon, Manitoba
  • Altona, Manitoba
  • Coming soon: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
  • Claresholm, Alberta
  • Vernon, British Columbia
  • West Kootenay, British Columbia

North Bay: RNIP Eligibility Requirements

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To qualify for immigration to Canada through the RNIP, you need to meet both the IRCC eligibility requirements and the community-specific requirements. The application is a two-step process. First, you need to achieve a community recommendation by satisfying the community requirements. Next, your official application for permanent residency is sent to the IRCC for the final decision.

IRCC Eligibility Requirements

Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is a department of Canada’s federal government that manages all immigration applications (apart from Quebec) and makes the final decision on who gets granted permanent resident status in Canada. The IRCC assess your eligibility according to the following criteria:

1. Work experience

Applicants need 1-year of continuous work experience (at least 1,560 hours) in the past 3 years OR they are recent graduates who graduated from a post-secondary program of 2 years or longer.

2. Language requirements

Your level of language proficiency in either English (Canadian Language Benchmarks - CLB) or French (Niveaux de compétence Linguistique canadiens - NCLC) depends on the occupation in which you have been offered a job from an employer in the North Bay community. See the minimum language requirements below:

Managerial and professional jobs: CLB/NCLC 6

Trade and technical jobs: CLB/NCLC 5

Intermediate skilled jobs: CLB/NCLC 4

3. Educational requirements

Applicants must at least have a high school diploma. An educational credential assessment report is needed for education obtained outside of Canada.

4. RNIP Settlement funds

The amount of money you need to immigrate to Canada depends on the size of your family. It is important to note that even if your dependents don’t move to Canada with you, your savings must still reflect their share

RNIP Settlement Funds
Number of Family MembersSettlement Funds in CAD
1$8, 922
2$11, 107
3$13, 654
4$16, 579
5$18, 803
6$21, 207
7 or more$23, 611

5. Intent to live in North Bay

Applicants must plan to live in the community. Proof of settlement plans may be required.

Community Specific Requirements

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1. Valid job offer

You must obtain a valid job offer from an eligible employer in one of the National Occupational Classification (2016) groups determined by North Bay to be in-demand. Find qualifying job offers here.

2. Work experience

Your job experience must match with the duties and responsibilities required to effectively work in the job specified within your job offer.

3. Interview

Applicants who apply from outside Canada must be available for a 15 to 30-minute video conference interview with an RNIP representative.

4. Candidates past residence

Your application will be prioritized if you have experience of living in a rural and remote community.

5. Spouses and common-law partner

Your application will be prioritized if your spouse or common-law partner can contribute to the economic and social life in North Bay.

About North Bay

Why should you consider immigrating to North Bay, Ontario? If waking to the sounds of birds chirping instead of cars honking appeals to you, then you’d enjoy living in a smaller community that’s far away from the hustle and bustle of big city life. North Bay is known as the “Gateway of the North” because it is situated in the northernmost part of Ontario and is located between two large lakes.

A rear view of young father walking with a small daughter in town in autumn.

The serene region complete with a forest, rivers and a waterfall makes for a laid-back and peaceful lifestyle. “You’re close to nature and you’re close to family,” said Naveen Anuja, an immigrant living in North Bay. The average commute time is only 10-minutes from home to work.

The City of North Bay has a population of approximately 51,553 people that are close-knit, supportive, and spend time getting to know each other through cooking clubs and other fun activities. Should you feel the need to hit the lively streets of the big cities, Toronto and Ontario are conveniently only a 3.5-hour drive from North Bay.

Immigrants enjoy a high quality of life in North Bay with low living costs. The total cost of living in North Bay is around $1,325 and you typically earn around $2,384 per month.

Watch: Immigrants talk about life in North Bay

Cost of Living in North Bay
AccommodationAverage Price
1-bedroom apartment$621, 52 per month
3-bedroom apartment$1212, 71 per month
buying a house$224, 000
UtilitiesAverage Price
Electricity plus water and garbage collecting$122,31
Internet$53, 34
TransportationAverage Price
One-way Ticket (Local Transport)$2, 46
Monthly Pass (Regular Price)$64.31
Gasoline (1 liter)$0.88
FoodAverage Price
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant$11, 72
Cappuccino$2, 86
Eggs (12)$2, 45
Local cheese$5, 82
White bread$2, 15
Milk (1 liter)$1, 59
Beef (1kg)$6, 40

How We Can Help You Apply for the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

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