Ontario Employer Job Offer Stream Now Open for International Students!

The race is on! The Ontario Employer Job Offer Stream is now open and accepting applications under the International Student Stream who want to live and work in Canada!

This means that if you are an international graduate, either inside or outside of Canada and have a valid job offer, you can now submit your application to live and work in Ontario, Canada and get permanent residence.

But this is not the time to procrastinate as spots fill up at record speed and once the government receives enough applications the system will close automatically. The system will be open between 9 am and 5 pm on August 19, 2020, but usually only remains open for a few hours due to its popularity. This is why it is so important to start gathering your documentation and get assessed well in advance so that you can start the application process immediately when these provincial streams and don't miss out on your chance to live your Canadian dreams.

The Foreign Worker and Masters Graduate are still not accepting applications at this time. Although the link has been made active, this is only for technical and testing purposes. This means that any applications submitted under these two streams will be removed once the testing is complete. It is, however, a good sign. If the OINP is in the process of testing the system it could mean that they are preparing to accept applications, which means that now is the time to starting preparing for your Canadian visa application.

How to Apply Under Ontario Employer Job Offer: The International Student Stream

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Step 1: Make Sure that You Have Job Offer Letter

In order to qualify to apply for permanent residence under the Ontario Employer Job Offer: The International Student Stream you must have a full-time permanent job offer in Ontario, Canada that:

  • Meets minimum wage requirements;
  • Is classified as highly skilled ie. NOC type 0 or skill level A or B.
  • The job offer cannot be older than six months.

You will need to submit a signed job offer letter from your prospective Canadian employer outlining the details of your job offer with your application, so make sure you have this on hand when you start your visa application.

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Step 2: Gather the Rest of Your Supporting Documentation

To complete your application you will need one of the following education documents:

  • A degree; diploma or certificate of at least 2 years from a Canadian university or college; or
  • A postgraduate qualification (degree; diploma or certificate) that takes at least one year to complete.

You will also need the following supporting documentation:

  • A new signed employer form; (must have been issued in the past six months)
  • Photograph;
  • Travel Document or Passport;
  • Status documents in Canada;
  • Resume; and
  • Any other additional documents such as police clearance, medical certificate, IELTS results etc. should the OINP request them.

Please note that if any of your documents are not in English or French they must be translated.

Step 3: Be Ready to Start Before the Online Portal Opens

Once the OINP International Student Stream opens you won’t have any time to run around and look for documentation. Be sure that you have everything that you need to fully complete your application as it could take a few hours to complete.

Top Tip:

This is an online submission so make sure that you have scanned all your application forms and supporting documentation beforehand. Every minute counts!

How Long Does the Application Take?

On average it will take anywhere between 90 - 120 days to process your application for a provincial nomination. So if you don’t get feedback on the status of your application in the next month, don’t stress.

What’s Next?

Once your application has been processed and if your application is successful you will receive a nomination from the Ontario provincial government. This will allow you to start the process of applying for permanent residence and, before you know it, you will be living and working in Ontario, Canada.

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