Saskatchewan Immigration - A Gateway To Enjoy Canadian Outdoors

Migrate to Canada and Experience the Beauty of Saskatchewan

Migrate to Canada through Saskatchewan immigration, where everything is larger than life. The welcoming smiles of the locals and the cozy scenery of the prairie landscapes will make you feel right at home. The large outdoors offers plenty of things to see and do. You will also find the towns refreshing with a unique quality to each of them that have made this land to be one of the fastest-growing provinces in Canada.    

One of the best reasons for Saskatchewan immigration is the fact that you get to enjoy the full experience of four seasons. Living here feels like you are in a magical, postcard world. Many of us find winter to be such a bother. Instead of appreciating the snowy paradise around us, we spend our cold days dreaming of warm sunny beaches. They say you can only truly appreciate the comfort of warmth after experiencing the absolute cold. In Saskatchewan, you will find the truth to this claim. Here the long winters make the eventual summer so much more enjoyable. 

Serene outdoors in Saskatchewan summer

If you are just looking to visit or live in Saskatchewan, a simple Canadian visa application will do the trick. Saskatchewan immigration is very popular because people are attracted to its great outdoors and beautiful landscapes. Many tourists travel to Saskatchewan for trophy fishing in one of its thousands of crystal clear lakes.  

However, many simply just want to stay in one of the wilderness lodges to be close to nature and experience its untouched beauty. For adventure seekers, a day of Kayaking should be on your to-do list.  

Three Reasons Why You Should Move to Saskatchewan

If you are looking to move to Saskatchewan to live or work, we have you covered. There’s more to Saskatchewan than flat prairie land and cold winters. The region boasts of enticing wages, lots of employment opportunities, a favorable government, and fast economic growth. 

Job Opportunities

Did you know that Saskatchewan has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada? That’s right; the rate has been stable at around 3.9%, while the national average is about 7%. With more and more startups and companies settling in this area, the unemployment rate will continue to be relatively low, making Saskatchewan an immigrants jobseekers best option. 

Competitive Salaries for Foreign Skilled Workers

Every year, Saskatchewan welcomes more than 9,000 immigrants from over 180 nations across the globe. A majority of them migrate to Canada as skilled workers. Immigrants are attracted to the province because of the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program (SINP). The SINP was designed to make immigration easy for people with experience and skills that are in high demand in the province.

On the other hand, Saskatchewan pays some of the best salaries in Canada. For the past five years, the average weekly wage for Saskatchewan immigration workers has stood around $970, making it the third-best in the country.

The Saskatchewan Immigration Graduate Retention Program

The Graduate Retention Program is Saskatchewan’s biggest move aimed at making the province the go-to place for recently graduated international students. It is a program that refunds up to $20,000 of tuition fees paid out by post-secondary graduates who work and live in the province for 7 or more years after graduation. 

Best Places to Live In Saskatchewan


City setting

The capital city of Saskatchewan is the cultural and economic center of the southern part of the province. Regina is a lovely city with a rich history that dates back to 1882. Some of this can still be seen today, making it a city well worth visiting. 

Regina is filled with culture, having numerous performing arts centers, museums, and annual events. It also has more parks and green spaces per capita than any other city in the country, including some neat and low-crime neighborhoods. All-in-all, it is a great city to live in with so much to offer.


Mortlach is a calm charming Saskatchewan village that has a serious love for berries. They host a Saskatoon Berry Festival every summer that brings 5,000 people together! It is a good town to settle in a family-friendly environment where you can enjoy local art, live music, and beer gardens. Make use of Saskatchewan immigration and live a better life with your family.


An unforgettable name that makes everyone more curious about this lovely town. However, the name itself is pronounced as fore-jay. It is a lovely town of not more than 100 people, with quiet neighborhoods and a lot of coffee shops and cafes.

Top 3 Natural Places to Enjoy the Outdoors In Saskatchewan

The best way to enjoy Saskatchewan’s greatness is to explore its huge backyards.

Here are just 3 places we would recommend you to visit when you migrate to Saskatchewan, Canada.

Grasslands National Park

Grasslands National Park

The park is full of natural wonders such as 70 Mile Butte, wild bison herds, and night skies that will take your breath away. Seeing as it is a Dark Sky Preserve (an area surrounding a park or observatory, that prevents artificial light pollution). Saskatchewan is at the forefront of efforts to reduce and eliminate all light pollution. If you are lucky, on a clear night, you can fall asleep counting the millions of stars.

Narrow Hills Provincial Park

This park is one of our favorites in Saskatchewan. It is full of pristine lakes that are packed to the brim with fish. Plus, with all the rolling hills you will get the opportunity to get above the treeline and admire the never-ending green tops. 

The best place to see in Narrow Hills is the Gem Lakes. These are a small pocket of lakes in the northwest corner of the park that is only accessible by foot. Here you can spend a few days soaking in the calm blue waters, fishing from a canoe or kayak, and enjoying the stunning beauty around you.

Go Paddling in the South Saskatchewan River

Canoe on a lake

The South Saskatchewan River is a beginner paddler's dream. It is impossible to get lost on, there is mobile phone coverage for most of the sections and there are thousands of private beaches to spend the night. 

There are many sections to start your paddle adventure, you can either do day trips, overnighters, or the whole thing! It is up to you to determine how much vacation time you want to take!

Experiencing Saskatchewan from the river will give you a tremendous appreciation for the beauty of the province.

Fun fact: If you love to put mustard on your food, then there is a good chance that came from Saskatchewan. Aside from the pulse crop, Saskatchewan is the largest producer of mustard in Canada in the world. The production of mustard grew by up to 75% since it started in the ’50s.  

Saskatchewan Immigration

The main immigration program for people who want to live and work in the province of Saskatchewan is the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program (SINP). The Saskatchewan Nominee Program 2018 has three categories of eligibility for people who want to live and work in the province. In addition to fast application processing times through Express Entry, the SINP also provides excellent support to participating immigrants. 

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program 2018 Categories:

  • International Skilled Worker Category;
  • Saskatchewan Experience Category; and
  • Entrepreneur and Farm Category

The International Skilled Worker Category is the most popular of the 3. This Saskatchewan PNP category is ideal for potential immigrants who have education, skilled work experience, language proficiency, or other abilities that make them well suited to living and working in Saskatchewan. 

The International Skilled Worker Category features 3 subcategories.

  • Employment Offer Sub-Category;
  • Occupations in Demand Sub-Category; and
  • Saskatchewan Express Entry Sub-Category

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