Saskatchewan Immigration: News on the Latest Draw

The latest Saskatchewan draw saw 381 invitations issued to those with Expression of Interest profiles. This invitation gives prospective applicants 60 days to apply to permanently immigrate to Saskatchewan, a western province of Canada. Out of these invitations, 277 were taken from the Occupation in Demand program and 104 from the Express Entry Program, which are both subcategories of the International Skilled Worker Program. The International Skills Worker Program is part of the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program which allows immigrants with the desired skills to settle in the Saskatchewan province, on the condition that they fulfill all the eligibility requirements. These requirements include level of education, job experience, language skills in both English and French. An expansion on the two subcategories that made up the 381 invitations can be found below.

Offer In Demand

The Offer in Demand does not require prospective applicants to have an existing job offer in Saskatchewan, but does require them to be in the possession of a skillset that it useful to the province, which is then referred to highly skilled workers who are ‘in demand’. Naturally, they will have to meet the criteria of eligibility, but the basis of their nomination is that they will be satisfying a need of the labour market of the Saskatchewan province. Those candidates who possess one of these skill sets made up almost two thirds of the invitations that were issued in the draw on July 25th.immigrating to Canada

Saskatchewan Express Entry

This is particularly for skilled workers who already form part of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Express Entry pool and are looking to live and work in Saskatchewan specifically. Being part of the Express Entry Pool most likely indicates a calibre of candidates who already meet the eligibility criteria, which fast-tracks the process to becoming a permanent resident of Canada. These candidates made up one third of the invitations issued in the latest draw to boost immigration to Saskatchewan.

Why Would You Want to Immigrate to Saskatchewan Province?

The allure of the Saskatchewan province lies in its beauty, surrounded by nature and parks truly makes for a serene environment. Other factors that include the urbanization currently taking place as well as the development of its other sectors, create an attractive labour market for immigrants who are seeking employment. With categories of the Program specifically targeted to professions such as farm operators, it's no surprise that people are flocking to Saskatchewan.Nature in Canada

Scenic Environment

Saskatchewan is a serene province enveloped in the wonders of nature. If you’re looking to immigrate to Saskatchewan to escape an overpopulated city, you are on the right track. Its two cities, Saskatoon and Regina, boast vast lakes and grasslands. The famous Royal Saskatchewan Museum can also be found in its capital city of Regina.

Development of Other Sectors Creating a Gap in the Labour Market

Its economy relies on the agriculture sector and also is steadily moving toward developing other sectors like technology. This creates a range of budding companies which in turn create a demand for skilled workers. If you are a skilled worker in one of the industries in need, you have a good chance of being able to obtain permanent residence there.Job Market in Canada

Saskatchewan Allows Immigrants to Have Their Own Business

If you are an entrepreneur or a farm owner, we have good news for you. Through the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program, you can create a new business opportunity or expand on your existing business as an entrepreneur or farm owner. For farmers in particular, there is a better chance of obtaining permanent residence to Canada than through other programs where you might not necessarily meet the education requirements. This is a program specifically targeted at your area of expertise which will give you a better chance automatically.

How Can We Help You to Immigrate to the Saskatchewan Province?

Through the help of our qualified and experienced Canadian immigration specialists, we can assess your eligibility for Canadian citizenship and determine what would be the most appropriate channel for your application. By simplifying the process through possessing the knowledge that we have obtained through helping thousands of people immigrate to Canada, we can help you to do the same. Sign up to start the process.