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Canada is a beautiful country. Lush environments, friendly people, endless opportunities all come together to become one of the top destinations countries in the world.

However, immigration law can challenge newcomers and first-timers.

Every year, thousands of people get lost navigating the complex web known as immigration law. There are a lot of forms to fill out, requirements to find, and appointments to make. 

Every year, hundreds of new immigrants to Canada figure this system out and get through, moving on to places like Toronto or New Brunswick. However, not everyone can understand things their first time out.

Language barriers, cultural differences, and general confusion can all contribute to making the immigration process much harder. In some cases, they might run into a snag that hinders their ability to progress, and may not even understand what's wrong.

These problems are why it pays to have a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) assist you in the process, even if you expect things to go smoothly.

Immigration law itself can be a daunting prospect to tackle. The rules can change at any time. There might be an obscure regulation that you haven't heard of that applies to your case. There are subclasses of Canadian visas that you need to understand to apply successfully.

This situation means using an immigration firm with a certified RCIC extremely essential. is the perfect provider for legal assistance for immigrants, returning former citizens, and students all seeking entry into Canada.

Our firm is highly reputable, with decades of collective experience and specializing in Canadian immigration cases and laws, so we can safely say that we are the best at what we do. 

We know what situations are possible, and will professionally and honestly assess your case and give you the odds of success – and then work with you to improve those odds.

Among our core services, the team will guide you through the following application processes: 

  • Student Visa
  • Temporary Work Visa
  • Holiday Visa
  • Family Visa
  • Business Visa

There are over 60 types of Canadian visas, and each of these visas requires different requirements, are classified differently, and may have subclasses that the applicant might not understand. Our RCICs and client support staff can be useful in navigating through these waters.

With help from us, you'll be finding your home in Vancouver, Montreal, or anywhere else in Canada in the shortest time possible.

At through years of experience, we know that immigration laws can be complicated and daunting, especially if you don't understand the language.

Our staff has experience in handling all manner of immigration issues, and we can provide interpreters and translators if you have difficulty with the English language.

We do this because we understand that communication is absolutely essential, that your ability to tell us what our team needs to know and for you to know what we're saying is crucial.

With us, you can count the following things to be there when you need them:

  • An RCIC helping you navigate through immigration laws
  • Assistance in filling forms
  • Honest assessment of the odds of your successful application
  • Experts in maximizing your chances of success
  • Practical solutions

Our immigration team has more than just RCICs on hand to help. Everyone in the company is there to assist in some way, including 24/7 assistance on our social media platforms.

We understand that moving from one country to another is a stressful time. You'd appreciate a friendly face and a soothing environment, and that is what we aim to provide. Whether you plan to work in Perth or live in Sydney, we are dedicated to helping you with courtesy, friendliness, and warmth.

Finally, all of this comes with a clear channel of communication. We know that you want to be updated when something happens.

We also know that there are instances when you'll want to contact us to follow-up on your case. No matter what visa you're applying for or the circumstance of your case, you can rest assured we'll be easy to contact.

We'll even accommodate Skype if that's your preferred form of communication.

At we have worked with immigrants from all parts of the world. We've handled cases for international students looking to study in Canada. Helped spouses get residency, so they don't have to be apart from their loved ones.

We've assisted skilled workers in figuring out where, with their qualifications, they fit in the different subclasses and in dealing with the intricacies of the sponsorship program.

Our RCICs are members in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), the governing body of immigration consultants in Canada.

We are upfront about all of our charges, so you don't have to worry about hidden fees. We are also realistic about your odds, and won't mislead you about your chances.

If you're not sure we're the right firm to handle your case, read our review by industry experts here.

Best of all, if you need to talk to us directly and in person, we're easy to find. Our office is located in the heart of the Vancouver business district, strategically placed so that it's readily available from anywhere in the city. isn't just a choice for you; it's the best choice.