Ottawa City Guide

Our beautiful city has plenty to offer you. Are you ready to find out all about Ottawa and its beautiful sights, opportunities and people?

Welcome to Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and also one of the largest cities in the country. This multicultural city is home to many foreign nationals and is always keen on welcoming more. Find out about Ottawa’s demographics, transportation and more here.

Job opportunities in Ottawa

As the capital city of Canada, Ottawa has plenty to offer you in terms of employment and opportunity. Read more about Ottawa’s in-demand industries here.

Cost of Living in Ottawa

If you are looking to immigrate here, you will need to know how much your average living expenses will be. Read our comprehensive guide here.

Education in Ottawa

Ottawa offers excellent study opportunities at its precious institutions and also has a well-integrated public schooling system. Read more here.

Neighbourhoods in Ottawa

Ottawa has 23 wards consisting of both rural and urban suburbs. If you wish to settle here, find out more about the Ottawa’s neighbourhoods here.

Explore Ottawa

Take a walk along the Rideau Canal or visit one of the famous museums in Ottawa, whatever you choose to do, don’t forget to read our travel guide here.





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