Health Care

The government-funded healthcare system in Canada is known to be one of the best in the world. Open to permanent residents and citizens of the country, provincial healthcare is well-run and free of charge. Once you find employment in Canada, you can apply for private healthcare that will assist you in additional medical procedures.

Health card

Each province issues its own health card to Canadian residents, but you should expect a waiting period of up to 3 months. It is therefore recommended that you apply for private medical insurance while waiting for the card.

What does my health insurance cover?

While government-funded medical insurance will cover most medical expenses, you may need to apply for private insurance to pay for any further procedures.

Extended plans cover:

  • prescription medications
  • dental care
  • physiotherapy
  • ambulance services
  • prescription eyeglasses

Each province has its own laws and regulations, so always make sure you are aware of the healthcare system in your area.

Ontario health

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan is presented to residents of Ontario and can only be used free of charge for services that are medically necessary.

Visit Ministry of Ontario Health for more information.

British Columbia

The British Columbia Medical Service Plan (MSP) card entitles you to quality healthcare, provided that you have a visa valid for more than six months and work more than 18 hours per week. The plan costs $60 per month but employers will often pay this fee if you are a full-time employee.

There are many clinics and free facilities across the province that cater to those individuals who do not have the Medical Service Plan.

Visit the British Columbia government website for more information.


If you are a permanent resident of Alberta, you can register for the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan. Alberta residents are entitled to full coverage for medically necessary procedures, as well as some dental and oral surgical health services.

There are many stipulations associated with the program, so it is recommended that you visit the Alberta Government website for more information.







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