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Author Spotlight

Shireen Fisher

  • Education:
    Diploma in Journalism, BTech Degree in Journalism

  • Time With Us:
    An Author with since April 2022

  • Fun Fact:
    Host a Jazz radio show, and often include Canadian artists on my playlist

About Me

Shireen started her media career in the radio, before going back to university for her Journalism diploma and degree. Since then Shireen has worked in the magazine and public relations industries, where she’s gained experience in feature and profile writing, newswriting, copywriting for PR campaigns, major international and national events, and of course, her first love, radio.

Shireen has interviewed several high profile figures, from company heads, to government ministers, deputy consul generals, celebrities, and of course, the man on the street.

Shireen loves Music, fashion (also have a fashion qualification), languages, culture and traveing.

Her Motto is: “You have to decide who you are and force the world to deal with you - not with its idea of you.” - James Baldwin

What excites her about immigration? The fact that it combines faith and hope, along with a brand new chapter full of possibilities.

Articles Written

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