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Meet Our Authors

Our Authors

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Wesley Allan

BA in English Language and Literature and Film Studies


Wesley Allan has been writing professionally for over five years and about immigration for a year. With a BA in English Language and Literature and Film Studies.

An avid film and fitness fanatic, Wesley brings his tireless energy and love for the theatrical to all of his writing. With his history as a national-level public speaking competitor, a two-times published poet and a voice actor for over 100 productions, Wesley always feels that the core of any piece of writing is not only to inform but to entertain and inspire.

His mottos are Amor Fati and Memento Mori, two Latin phrases that serve as reminders to make the best out of any and every situation and a reminder that life is finite and you must make the most of your time alive. This inspires him to pour his passion into his work and keep his personal brand of optimism, wanderlust and purpose in all of his writing.

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Kelia Losa Reinoso

Masters Graduate in Journalism and Media Studies


Kelia Losa Reinoso is a qualified content writer with a Master of Arts degree in Journalism and Media Studies. She has three years of professional writing experience, Spanish translating, and a year of fine-tuning her immigration writing, specializing in Canadian immigration. Kelia is highly interested in history, immigration and lifestyle content. Her motto is “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” -John F Kennedy. She is from a family of five, with her parents and three older siblings.

What excites Kelia about immigration is the possibility of beginning anew. As an immigrant herself, she knows that you can build a wonderful life in a new place. Helping others get closer to their immigration goals is incredibly rewarding to her. Kelia is well-equipped with the knowledge and qualifications to write the best articles and content related to immigration. She guarantees accuracy and quality in her work and looks forward to helping anyone who needs it.

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Shireen Fisher

BTech Degree in Journalism


Shireen started her media career in the radio before going back to university for her Journalism diploma and degree. Since then, she has worked in the magazine and public relations industries, where she’s gained experience in feature and profile writing, news writing, copywriting for PR campaigns, major international and national events, and of course, her first love, radio.

She has interviewed several high-profile figures, from company heads to government ministers, deputy consul generals, celebrities, and the man on the street.

Shireen loves: Music, fashion, languages, culture, and traveling.

Her motto: “You have to decide who you are and force the world to deal with you - not with its idea of you.” - James Baldwin

What excites her about immigration? The fact that it combines faith and hope, along with a brand new chapter full of possibilities.

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Themba Phongolo

Bachelor of Arts Honors degree


Themba has been writing for since January 2023. Writing about immigration excites him due to the promise it presents, that people can immigrate and earn a better life for themselves.

My interests include writing, drawing, architecture, sculpture, sleeping, watching television, listening to music, painting, and reading.

Immigration excites me because of the promise that it presents, which is that any person from any walk of life -so long as they qualify- can immigrate to another country and earn a better life for themselves and their families and the people they love/care about.

Our Editorial Team

Kirat Sekhon

Bachelor's Degree in Law, BA in Philosophy, University of Ottawa


Kirat Sekhon is a highly qualified and dedicated Senior Immigration Professional with over eight years of experience in the field. With a Bachelor of Laws and a personal attachment to immigration, Kirat is well-equipped to assist individuals in their quest to immigrate to Canada. Kirat's parents, who were immigrants from India, inspired her to always strive for excellence and help others achieve their goals in Canada.

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