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Author Spotlight

Wesley Allan

  • Education:
    BA in English Language and Literature
    BA (Hons) in Film Theory and Production (Screenwriting)

  • Time With Us:
    An Author with since April 2022

  • Fun Fact:
    Wesley has a small cameo as a rowdy college student in the Netflix original film "Holiday in the Wild"

  • Wesley Allan

About Me 

Wesley Allan has been writing professionally for over five years and about immigration for a year. With a BA in English Language and Literature and Film Studies.  

An avid film and fitness fanatic, Wesley brings his tireless energy and love for the theatrical to all his writing. With his history as a national-level public speaking competitor, a two-times published poet and a voice actor for over 100 productions, Wesley always feels that the core of any writing piece is to inform, entertain, and inspire. 

His mottos are Amor Fati and Memento Mori, two Latin phrases that serve as reminders to make the best out of any and every situation and a reminder that life is finite and you must make the most of your time alive. This inspires him to pour his passion into his work and keep his personal brand of optimism, wanderlust and purpose in all of his writing. 

As an immigrant himself, what inspires him the most about writing about immigration is the element of discovery. To him, when people immigrate to a new country, they discover a whole new world filled with cultures, people, environments, idiosyncrasies, social classes, social structures and expectations they’ve never had before. This gives both the exciting element of starting something new and fresh and having the opportunity to grow as a human being through discovering new people and cultures.

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