Immigrate to Canada and Live in Saint John's

The city of Saint John unveiled its plans to increase population growth, which presents itself as a great opportunity for job seekers and people who wish to immigrate to Canada.

Applying to immigrate to Canada in lesser known cities such as Saint John is a good option for immigration and an even better chance for employment because of an abundance of job opportunities. Despite the need for workers, the population decreased tremendously from 89, 000 to a low of 67, 000 in 2016. Thanks to immigration, Saint John was able to turn those figures around and now 113, 948 people call the city home. It is estimated that 91% of the population growth is as a result of the city’s openness to foreign workers and immigration. The community in Saint John foresees a bright future for the city and are committed to welcoming newcomers and increasing the number of immigrants allowed to move to New Brunswick, Canada.

Statistics About New Brunswick Immigration

  • 25% do not speak French nor English
  • The city welcomed nearly 500 new families majority from China following others from Ukraine, South Korea, Syria and Lebanon.
Benefits of life in Saint John

Benefits of moving to Saint John

The shrinking population of New Brunswick could be your key for a successful future and a new life in a vibrant urban area. As the province experiences a shrinking effect, the need for international residents increases because immigrants can stabilize the economy through their knowledge and skills.

Diversity, affordable housing, and easy access to goods and services are just a few of the many benefits that Saint John offers.It is expected that immigration to the city will remain at a high level, giving you a better chance for a successful Canadian immigration application.

By making use of our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs), who are experts in the field of New Brunswick immigration policies, you will be guided you through the application process, ensuring that you choose the immigration program most suited to your unique skills and background.

Immigration spikes Saint John’s Economy

Economy in Saint John

The economy has transitioned from a labour based economy to a knowledge based economy which makes the economy more dependant on people migrating, global suppliers and investment.

The economic development in Saint John contributes to the national economy with many companies looking into starting companies in the city and investing in the province. The provincial economy of New Brunswick performs parallel to Saint John’s economy.

The GDP growth in New Brunswick averaged 2.7% per year and Saint John’s GDP growth averaged 2.8% during the same period. This has been the GDP growth average for nearly a decade.

One of the industries that has grown rapidly and makes a change in Saint John is the IT sector. Three of the largest IT companies in the Atlantic provinces are now based here.

With a history of overcoming challenges, the city has plans to attract talent from all over the world to support the growing economy. Saint John has plans to provide residents with good quality transportation, efficient energy infrastructure and support capabilities to ensure maximum improvement in the economy.

The newly introduced industries in Saint John have now also become the most in demand fields. These new industries include the engineering sector, architecture sector, the insurance sector and professional services.If you have work experience or a skill that you think might be in demand get in touch with our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants.

How to Immigrate to Saint John Canada

You Have Guidance

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