Top 10 Part Time Jobs in Canada For Students

The first thing you need to know about studying abroad, no matter where you go, is that tuition fees are higher for foreign students. Some might ask the question, why choose to study abroad then? The answer is simple; a higher quality of education and most importantly, the opportunity to become a permanent resident of Canada after you graduate. While the Canadian government can’t control the fees universities and other post secondary institutions charge, they can put programs in place for foreign graduates who want to continue to live and work in Canada after graduation. So, it’s going to be expensive, the Canadian government knows this too and therefore allows foreign students to work part-time jobs in Canada to help pay for their tuition, housing and other living costs that will arise during their studies.

10 Great Part Time Jobs For StudentsJobs in Canada for Students-Barista

10. Waitering and Bartending

An old favourite, you may have to put up with some not so nice people, but as you may have heard, the majority of Canadians are friendly and polite. The selling point of this job; Canadians traditionally tip between 15 and 20 percent of their bills at sit down restaurants. If the average price for dinner and a drink is $30 per person and you are serving a table of four, you could be looking at a $20 tip on one table, on top of your minimum wage salary, not too bad eh?

Bartenders in busy pubs and clubs report making around $1000 over three nights, typically Thursday, Friday and Saturday is when people like to go out in Canada.

9. Night Time Auditor

Depending on what you are studying, you could land a job as a night clerk at a hotel or motel. You will take care of paperwork, support guests and perform basic bookkeeping operations, so you will need to have some skill in math, computers and basic accounting. You can make up to $26 an hour and you will likely have a fair amount of time you can use for your studies (once your specific job duties have been taking care of)

8. Tutor

Again, we are calling on your studies to help you make some extra dollars on the side. It makes sense, right? Why not put your knowledge to good use tutoring elementary, middle and high schoolers in math, chemistry, physics, accounting, whatever your superpower happens to be? Tutors are paid very well in Canada, the average going rate is anything between $30 and $60 an hour.

7. Dog Walker

We aren’t even going to joke around, there is big money to be made in helping busy owners give man's best friend a little exercise every day. Dog walkers charge an average of $16 an hour and can walk up to 5 dogs at a time! So you could be making up to $80 an hour with the right clients and the right sized pooches. Why not call each dog 5 mile, and then tell people you walk five 5 miles a day, we bet they’ll be impressed.

6. Cafeteria Worker

One of the more traditional part-times jobs for foreign students is working in their campus cafeteria. There are a number of benefits; fair pay, between $15 and $25 and hour, free meals and best of all, no travel time from class to work.

5. Office Assistant

Getting an assistant job in a big company can be helpful for two reasons, you can start building a portfolio for your job hunt when you graduate and if you prove to be a promising worker, the company may offer you a full time position upon graduation. You will make around $15 an hour, but you will also be investing in your future.

4. Teachers Assistant

Educators and professors often hire teachers assistants or TA’s as they are commonly known to help them throughout the semester with various busy work. You will likely be able to apply for these positions from your second year on as applicants are usually required to have taken the course that they are assisting on. Being a TA requires good organizational skills and pays around $16 an hour.

3. Uber Driver

If you are 21 and have a reliable car and a smartphone, you can make up to $25 an hour driving people from point A to point B. Uber is a rideshare application that connects drivers with people who need a ride. The biggest advantage of this side hustle is that you set your own hours. The most popular travel times are in the mornings, evening and on weekends, just be careful not to burn yourself out.

2. Nanny/Au Pair

Depending on your schedule this could be an ideal job for young female students. You typically only need to be available for a few hours every afternoon and can make around $15 an hour picking up busy parents kids from school, preparing meals for them or simply entertaining them. There are also permanent residency opportunities for au pairs in Canada.

1. Barista

Canadians love coffee. Flexible schedules, a vibrant working environment, $12 an hour excluding tips and free coffee! The wage isn’t the best, but working for a lot of coffee companies offer great perks such as tuition reimbursement.

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