Improve your Language Skills. Optimize Your Canadian Visa Application.

Did you know that by improving your CRS Score, you can automatically improve your chances of getting a Canadian visa?

Almost every Canadian visa application requires a certain skill level in English and French, whether you are an international student wanting to further your education, a professional looking for lucrative job opportunities, or you are wanting to immigrate to Canada. The bottom line is that if you are planning to study, work or immigrate to Canada, your language ability in English and/or French needs to be up to scratch if you want to improve your chances of getting a Canadian Visa and one of the easiest ways to do this is to increase your IELTS/TEF score.

You can get up to 28 extra points for your language skills in English or French based on the following:

  • Reading;
  • Writing;
  • Listening;
  • Speaking.

The IELTS and TEF exams are not easy though. In order to get the best possible result, as with anything in life you need to be prepared.

At we offer an International English Language Training system that has been developed to help you prepare for your IELTS examination.

To speak to a consultant about improving your chances of getting a Canadian Visa by improving your language skills through our IELTS Preparation Course, simply click the link below or keep reading to find out more about just how far we can take you with our world-renowned Language Training Course.

Why Do I Need to Take the IELTS for Canada Immigration?

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What is IELTS?

International English Language Training System (IELTS) is the most well known English language proficiency test. It is used to determine your level of English proficiency when applying for your Canadian visa.

Because there are 4 different tests that the Canada immigration system will accept, which are all scored differently, your IELTS results will be converted based on the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB). The CLB has 12 different levels to measure your ability in:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing

These 12 levels are divided into 3 different stages in which your scores will vary from 0-9 with increments of 0.5:

  1. Basic
  2. Intermediate and
  3. Advanced

Once you’ve obtained your IELTS, it will be valid for 2 years after which you will need to retake the test.

What is the Score Required for IELTS for Canada Immigration?

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Most Canada immigration programs require that your French or English skills are up to Canadian standards. This varies from program to program as well as occupation to occupation. For example, a doctor or nurse practitioner’s level of English and/or French will need to be higher than that of a farm or trade worker.

The average score required is between 5.5 and 6.5 but the ultimate score to aim for is CLB level 9 as this will give you the highest amount of PR points when applying for your Canadian visa. Achieving the highest possible CLB may make up for other areas that you may have a low score.

For example, you may have a qualification and work experience but have a low score based on your age. Getting a higher score on your IELTS could therefore ultimately boost your PR or CRS points and could, therefore, be the difference between being successful in your Canadian visa application or not receiving a Canadian visa at all.

Below is an indication of how your IELTS scores will be translated according to the CLB scoring system:

CLB 9 LanguageTest Score Comparison
SpeakingIELTS 7
ReadingIELTS 7
WritingIELTS 7
ListeningIELTS 8

Once you know your CLB level you will be able to claim PR points when applying through immigration systems and programs such as the ever-popular Express Entry system, which awards points for a CLB score of 5 or higher for a second language.

If you are planning to study in Canada, your classes will either be in English or French and you will, therefore, need to meet certain language requirements to be able to get a study visa for Canada.

How Can I Prepare for IELTS for Canada Immigration?

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The best way to prepare for any examination is to practice and enrol in a course that is geared specifically towards preparation for the test you will be taking.

By enrolling with CanadianVisa’s IELTS Preparation Course you will focus on areas such as:

  • Vocabulary;
  • Reading, writing and listening skills;
  • Fluency and pronunciation
  • Practice IELTS tests to help you

You will also have access to an IELTS tutor that will be able to give you all the support and guidance on how to prepare for your upcoming IELTS test.

And the best part is that you will be able to complete our preparation course from anywhere in the world at your own pace, giving you the freedom to plan your schedule based on your specific needs.

How Do I Enrol for the IELTS Preparation Course?

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Enrol for the CanadianVisa IELTS Preparation Course today to secure your chance at a brighter future or contact us via email for more information at

Navigating your way through the Canada immigration system can be both complex and confusing. By using our accredited Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) you will not only optimize your chances of success in the Canadian visa application process, but you will receive expert advice on which program is best for your personal needs. Our RCICs are registered with the ICCRC and are legally permitted to assist you by evaluating your eligibility, reviewing all documentation and submitting it to the Canadian government on your behalf.

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