7 Reasons to immigrate to Canada from the U.K

As the second largest country in the world, Canada offers a little bit of everything to residents and newcomers. Whether you enjoy the great outdoors or the cosmopolitan way of life, you can find exactly what you are looking for in a country that promotes diversity and opportunity. While the U.K and Canada are both first world countries, there are many reasons to consider immigrating.

1. You are actually rather similar

With a close relationship between the U.K and Canada, many similarities have made themselves clear. You may find that your lifestyle and culture are similar while your ability to speak English and/or French makes you the perfect candidate for either country


Politically speaking, while both countries are run by their own elected prime minister, the same monarchy rules over Canada and the U.K.

2. Give yourself some space

Canada may be the second largest country in the world, but the population is widely dispersed, with much of the 13 provinces left completely untouched and unexplored. If you are feeling a little cramped in the U.K, it may because there are 64.1 million people calling the country their home. That means that there are 262 people per square metre compared to a population of 35.2 million and 3.80 people per square metre in Canada.

3. Canada has warmer summers

While weather conditions in Canada can often be similar to the U.K in winter with freezing cold temperatures and snow taking over the landscape every year, summers in Canada can often be pleasantly warm. Ontario and British Columbia enjoy summer days that frequently hit temperatures of over 24 degrees.

4. Winter is spent outdoors

The colder months often send people indoors to hibernate beside the fire and enjoy indoor heating, but Canadians use this change in season to get outdoors. As the mountain slopes are engulfed in snow, Canadians and tourists hit the slopes for skiing and snowboarding. Closer to the cities, some of the frozen canals like the famous Rideau Canal in Ottawa become a thoroughfare for people to ice skate to work. Celebrating winter in Canada has become an important affair every year with many events and games centered on the season.

5. Canada is the most educated country in the world

While both countries are actively invested in providing excellent education, Canada leads in the polls as the second most educated country in the world, with the U.K following behind at number 7. In the U.K, expect to spend 13 years at school, starting at the age of 5, with Canada following a slightly different procedure with 12 years of schooling, beginning at age 6.

6. Job opportunities are plentiful in Canada

If you are in the medical, technological, financial, or natural resources trade, you will be happy to know that Canada has many jobs available to immigrants who have the necessary skills and experience. In fact, the unemployment rate in Canada sits at 7.1%, while the U.K currently has a rate of 7.6%.

7. In many ways, it’s cheaper to live in Canada

While living in both cities can be costly, Canada is known to be more affordable in general. The price of rent in the U.K can sometimes be over 36% more than renting the same type of space in Canada. In addition, going out to eat in the U.K can often seem impossible with prices soaring in recent years. This has led to costs in the U.K sometimes being over 40% more costly than Canada.

Whether you want to immigrate to Canada for work, family or change in lifestyle, there are many benefits to choosing the Great White North as your new home.