Fake or Real? How to Tell if Your Canadian Immigration Agent Can Be Trusted

Many foreign nationals are looking to move to Canada. This alone has created a target for online manipulation where there are promises made to secure a visa for you and your family to Canada but in actual fact, they are just taking your money.

These days things can easily be manipulated online to make a certain website or page seem official. This is why you have to be extremely vigilant whether the person you’re in contact with is fake or real.

Continue reading to discover how to tell if your Canadian immigration agent can be trusted.

How to Spot a Fake Immigration Consultant


1. Doesn’t have a registered number with the ICCRC

Every single Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) or certified immigration lawyer will have a registered number with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), as well as be in good standing with them. If you receive any form of contact from someone stating that they’re a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), the very first thing you need to do is ask them for their registration number and check it on the IRCC website list by typing in the number you receive from the consultant. If it doesn’t match or they don’t send you a number, they are not who they say they are.

CanadianVisa.org has the names, registered numbers and photographs of all its Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants that we work with. When you check the numbers against the ICCRC list, you will see that they are all in good standing with the ICCRC.


2. Making unrealistic promises

If you are speaking to someone who claims that they can, for example, get you a Canadian work permit in two weeks then that already shows some red flags. They will usually ask for only your passport number and a fee. This alone is not nearly enough to receive a work permit. Other unrealistic promises made by fake immigration consultants include:

  • Guarantee you a successful application;
  • Guarantee you a Canadian passport; and
  • Guarantee your permanent residence in Canada with PR status.

3. Scammers will use legitimate immigration agencies to seem reputable

Scammers will say they work with companies that have authorized visa consultants. They will even go as far as using the names and details of registered immigration consultants to seem more legit. Again, you will have to do your homework and check with the ICCRC that the name and details match. With fake consultant’s websites or pages, you’ll find that they don’t.

There are websites that pretend to be CanadianVisa.org as well as people pretending to work with us. CanadianVisa.org won’t contact you personally unless you fill in our eligibility form and we won’t ask for money in exchange for a guaranteed visa. Our service is to assist you in making sure your Canadian visa application process is as simple as possible. Also, the RCICs we work with will give you their expert advice on Canadian immigration.

4. Ask you to doctor your documents

If the immigration consultant asks you to produce fake documents or alter your documents in such a way that it’s untrue, in the promise that this will secure your Canadian visa then this is quite a clear indication that they are a fake consultant, as this act is illegal and wouldn’t be asked of you by a real visa consultant.

5. Paying cash

If a consultant asks you for a cash payment that should also be a warning sign. Payments should be made by the following means:

  • Bank cheque;
  • Credit card; or
  • Debit card (on a Canadian bank is preferable).

This can work in your favour as well as they are all traceable payments and this form of payment ensures you get receipts for any payments made to the consultant.

When using CanadianVisa.org, your payment will be linked to the official domain and be done through a secure online payment page.

6. Do they have insurance?

A great way to tell if your Canadian immigration agent can be trusted is by checking if they have Error & Omissions Insurance (O&E Insurance), as all licensed immigration consultants should have this.

Using a Trusted Immigration Consultant


Now that you know which red flags to look out for when determining if the person you are speaking to is a fake or real visa consultant, taking your first step towards your Canadian journey doesn’t have to be a dreadful or scary thing to do.

CanadianVisa.org is a recognized immigration agency that works with licensed Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants that can assist you in making sure that your Canadian journey is a simpler one. This is because they do most of the heavy lifting such as liaise with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) on your behalf, will create a personalized immigration strategy for you and take care of all your paperwork, amongst other things.

Be sure to do your research to tell if your Canadian immigration agent can be trusted, and be sure to share it with your family and friends who are looking to move to Canada as well.

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