How to Get Express Entry to Canada from India

Did you know there are over 1 million Indians living in Canada? That’s close to three percent of the entire Canadian population. Although there are over 100 immigration and visa programs to get you from India to Canada, one of the top and most popular immigration is Express Entry.

Discover how to get Express Entry to Canada from India and you could be well on your way to a better and brighter future.

4 Important Things to Know About Express Entry

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1. Express Entry is an online system

That’s right, Express Express is an online system. This means no matter where you are in the world, you’re able to complete an application and submit your profile.

When you submit your profile you’ll need to attach documents such as proof of funds, medical exams, language results, a job offer if you have one, and other additional documents. This will all contribute to your profile success in the Express Entry pool and you receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA). By receiving an ITA, you are given the opportunity to apply for Canadian permanent residency.

2. Express Entry manages three programs

With Express Entry managing three federal economic programs, you have three times the chance to qualify for either of the programs. The programs are the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class. When your profile is submitted the Immigration Refugee Canadian Citizenship (IRCC) determines which program you qualify for.

Let’s have a quick look at the differences between each program:

Federal Skilled Worker Program

This program is for you if you can contribute to Canada’s economy with your work experience, skills, or qualifications. A great plus of this program is that you don’t require a job offer in order to be eligible. This makes the process easier to get Express Entry to Canada from India.

Requirements of the Federal Skilled Worker Program

  • Skilled work experience - have a minimum of one year(part-time or full-time) experience in a NOC skill type (A, O, or B);
  • Language ability - get a minimum score of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 in all four abilities for English and French; and
  • Education - have at least a certificate from a secondary institution (high school).

Federal Skilled Trades Program

For the Federal Skilled Trades Program, you’re able to move to Canada if you have work experience in eligible trade occupations. Eligible occupations are organized in the following major National Occupational Classification NOC groups:

  • Major Group 72, industrial, electrical, and construction trades;
  • Major Group 73, maintenance and equipment operation trades;
  • Major Group 82, supervisors and technical jobs in natural resources, agriculture, and related production;
  • Major Group 92, processing, manufacturing, and utility supervisors and central control operators;
  • Minor Group 632, chefs and cooks; and
  • Minor Group 633, butchers and bakers.

These major NOC groups are subdivided into different occupations, and they are all skill type B.

Canadian Experience Class

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The Canadian Experience Class is for you if you already have Canadian work experience that you’ve gained through a temporary work permit. A great benefit about the CEC is that you don’t have to provide proof of settlement funds, this will speed up the processing time and make it as little as three to four months.

Requirements of the Canadian Experience Class

  • Meet the required language levels for each language ability;
  • Have at least one year of skilled work experience in Canada (full-time or part-time equivalent to one year), in the last three years; and
  • Gained your work experience by working in Canada while under temporary resident status with authorization to work.

3. Express Entry has no deadlines

Unlike other Canadian immigration programs, Express Entry has no deadlines for submission, as you can start over, or have a cap on how many foreign nationals can apply or be accepted into the Express Entry pool.

When you create a profile you’ll have 60 days to complete it, however, if you don’t manage to complete it in the set time you have the option to restart your profile. So in essence, there is a timer to create a profile but you won’t miss any deadline as Express Entry has no cut-off date.

4. Express Entry works on a points-based system

Once you’re placed into the Express Entry pool you’ll be given a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score which is made up of points awarded to you for several factors including:

  • work experience;
  • your age;
  • language proficiency in English, French, or both;
  • education level; and
  • additional factors like having a sibling in Canada.

Your total CRS score is made up of two sections. The core set of points is a total of 600 and the additional set of points of 600 points. This makes the maximum score 1,200 points.

FAQs: Canada Express Entry

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FAQ 1: How Much Does Express Entry Cost?

The initial Express Entry application processing fee is $825, and the right of permanent residence fee is $500 ($1,325 in total for one person).

Express Entry Costs
Fees Total Amount in CAD
Your application - processing fee is $825 and a right of permanent residence fee is $500 $1,325
Your application fee (without a right of permanent residence fee) $825
Including your spouse or partner - the processing fee is $825 and a right of permanent residence fee is $500 $1,325
Including your spouse or partner (without a right of permanent residence fee) $825
Including a dependent child $225

FAQ 2: Can my family come with me through Express Entry?

Yes, the Express Entry allows you to include your spouse or common-law partner, as well as your dependent children on your application. You along with all of your family members on the application will receive permanent residency, if successful.

Please note that a dependant child is determined as the following:

  • under 22 years of age and not a spouse or common-law partner, or;
  • 22 years of age or older and unable to support themselves financially due to a physical or mental condition.

If you choose to immigrate on your own, don’t worry as you will then have the option of sponsoring your family through the family sponsorship program.

FAQ 3: How much money do I have to show for Proof of Funds for Express Entry?

Please note that if you have a job offer or you’ve qualified for the Canadian Experience Class, then you are exempt from this requirement.

Proof of Funds Required - Express Entry
Number of family members Required funds (in CAD)
1 $13,213
2 $16,449
3 $20,222
4 $24,553
5 $27,847
6 $31,407
7 $34,967
Each additional family member $3,560

Indians Living in Canada

Canada has a considerably lower crime rate than India, you’ll also have much more work opportunities available in Canada, and not only that but Canada is filled with top-rated universities and colleges. By moving to Canada you’ll be giving yourself and your children the chance at a better life filled with opportunities you may not have had before.

Think about it, there’s a reason Canada has the world’s eighth-largest Indian population. Start your journey today and get Express Entry to Canada from India with the help of