How to Immigrate to Ontario from Saudi Arabia

Ontario is a Canadian province known for having the largest business and finance sectors in northern America. With cities like Ottawa and Toronto, it is not surprising that the province of Ontario is one of the most culturally diverse provinces in Canada with over 125 spoken languages.       

If you want to know how to immigrate to Ontario from Saudi Arabia, here are some of the most popular Canadian visa options for Saudis

Provincial Nominee Programs in Ontario

Ontario has a number of immigration streams and visa programs to help people from Saudi Arabia immigrate to Canada. One of these is the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program or OPNP.     

Under this program, you can apply and qualify in under 3 months in most cases! There are three main streams under the OPNP which we will talk about later on in the blog.  

Do You Have a Canadian Degree, Ph.D. or Masters? 

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There are visa programs created just for you if you are either a Ph.D. Graduate, Masters Graduate, or international student who has studied at least two years at a Canadian university.     

Here is how to immigrate from Saudi Arabia to Ontario as an international graduate under the following streams:   

  • International Student Stream under the Employer Job Offer Category
  • Masters Graduate Stream under the Humans Capital Category; and
  • Ph.D. Graduate Stream under the Humans Capital Category

All of these streams are under Ontario’s PNP system, so processing times are normally very efficient and can take at least six months to complete. 

If you want to find out more about how to immigrate to Ontario Canada from Saudi Arabia you can read about the exact OPNP requirements right here.     

Are You a Skilled Worker? 

Like many other provinces in Canada, Ontario is also experiencing a shortage of skilled workers that it needs to help its economy run.

Here is how to immigrate to Ontario from Saudi Arabia as a skilled worker. If you have a job offer from an Ontario employer, you will really find these visa streams useful.  

  • In-demand Skills Stream;
  • Foreign Worker Stream; or
  • Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream

These programs are designed for people who have both the required work experience in occupations that are at NOC level A, B, and 0. 

Just remember, in the In-demand Skills Stream, you must also have completed at least high school and have enough funds to settle in the province. Do not forget that these streams will also require that you have passed English and French exams like TEF and IELTS.  

The main difference in the requirements between the three streams is that the other two streams require that you at least have a university degree.

Always research before you go ahead with your application to ensure that you meet all of the requirements under a certain program.

Are You a Skilled Worker Who Speaks French?

Ontario has a program designed just for skilled French speakers called the Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream.  

Under this stream you must at least have:

A Bachelor’s degree from Canada;
Score at least 7 in the Canadian Language Benchmark and a 6 in English
At least 1 years worth of experience in either a NOC level 0, A, or B job; and
Have enough funds to settle in the province

Are You A Skilled Tradesperson?

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Are you worried about not having a university degree? You don’t need to worry anymore. Ontario is also on the lookout for skilled tradespersons who are certificated. 

If you apply under the Express Entry system, you could qualify under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) or Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), both of which were created to help skilled tradesperson immigrate to Canada.   

Under this system, you must at least qualify under the Express Entry system and get a Notification of Interest from Ontario along with the following:

  • 7 for languages tests in French and English under the Canadian Language Benchmark;
  • Trade certification from an accepted organization;
  • At least one year of work experience in your field which fits under NOC job groups 72, 73, or 82; and
  • Have enough funds to support yourself during your stay in Ontario

Are You Investor or Businessperson?

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Ontario also has options for those business people and investors who are looking for great investments in Canada. In fact, there are two streams you can apply under if you meet all the requirements. 

These two streams are the:

  • Entrepreneur Stream; and
  • Corporate Stream

Both of these streams are under the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program’s Business Category. Like most Business categories you must be willing to invest in a new business in the province.   

Under these categories, you must generally own at least 33.33% of your business and have plans to live and work mainly in the province, without spending too much time abroad.  

Both of these streams give you the chance to become a permanent resident of Canada if you meet all the requirements of the system and well as all business targets after a period of two years. Your business will be assessed by the province so be prepared.    

Immigrate to Ontario from Saudi Arabia With Our Help 

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