How to Improve Your CRS Score in 2019

The Express Entry program has many components that contribute to the likelihood of being able to immigrate to Canada or not. Perhaps the most important component would be the Comprehensive Ranking System score. This score determines which candidates in the Express Entry pool receive an invitation to apply and a chance to obtain permanent residence in Canada.

How Does it Work?

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Eligibility for the Express Entry program is based on a certain list of criteria. This criterion includes but is not limited to age, occupation, level of education, level of experience in the designated occupation, language proficiency in either English or French, as well as the ability to adapt to life in Canada following immigration. How well a candidate fares in these categories is measured according to the Comprehensive Ranking System, which produces a CRS score. When the Express Entry draw takes place on a bimonthly basis, the candidates with the highest CRS scores are issued with an invitation to apply (ITA). This indicates that they have a period of 60 days to apply for permanent residence in Canada. Unfortunately for those who are in the pool but who do not have a CRS score high enough, they will not be on the receiving end of an ITA.

What to Do if Your CRS Score is Too Low

Realizing that your CRS score is too low can be a bit disappointing, but there are a few things you can do to improve it to increase your chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply. This includes the following:


The level of education you have obtained is one of the most important contributing factors to your CRS score. Choosing to add to your qualifications or furthering your education in Canada (even better) can be the difference between receiving an ITA or not.

Language Tests

How well you are able to communicate has a massive impact on your eligibility for Canadian permanent residence. That being said, if you did not do too well on your last test, consider retaking it and preparing better this time around.

More Time

Sometimes, gaining more experience might just be the push you need to get a CRS score high enough. So it might be wise to try again in 6 months or a year once you’ve added valuable time to your expertise.

How Do I Update My Score?

One of the benefits of the Express Entry profile is its flexibility. You can log back in at any time to change your details and to claim your points, which updates your CRS score.

How We Can Help

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Our experienced and regulated RCICconsultants at MDC will walk you through the entire process to ensure you have the best chance of making your Canadian dream a reality. They have the insight accumulated from helping so many others to obtain permanent residence in Canada, and this will prove useful as they try their best to help you to do the same. Start your journey to Canada today!