Things You Need to Know Before You Immigrate to British Columbia

Moving to another country can be daunting and the last thing you want is to be unprepared. Continue reading for a need-to-know guide on the things you need to know when you immigrate to British Columbia, and to find out if you could be eligible to apply through their Provincial Nominee Program.

What Is Life Like in British Columbia?

Quality of life in Vancouver, CanadaWhen you immigrate to British Columbia, you get to tap into the high standard of living that is synonymous with living in Canada. With subsidised health care, it is one of the best places in the world to immigrate to, so you can focus on fully immersing yourself in your new life without major concerns about your health. With a steadily rising immigrant population that makes up about 28% of the total population in British Columbia, it speaks to how accommodating the region is to immigrants and that you can prepare yourself for a place that is rich in cultural diversity and which is home to all kinds of people from across the globe. Commuting around the province is efficient, safe and relatively affordable, with a monthly ticket setting you back around $95.

Job Market and Salary Expectations in British Columbia

Finding work in Canada as an ImmigrantThe labour market in British Columbia is in need of skilled people. It is estimated that by the end of 2019, around 900,000 job openings will need to be filled. With prospects for employment and a competitive minimum wage of $11,35 per hour, it is a key factor contributing to people wanting to immigrate to the region. Working in British Columbia gives you access to this wage and a better quality of life than you might have in many other countries. With regards to the cost of living in major cities like Vancouver, the cost of rent for a 1 bedroom apartment can range between $1,500 outside the city centre and around $2,000 to live in the city centre.

Finding Your Way Around Healthcare Through the Medicare Protection Act in British Columbia

Healthcare in British Columbia, CanadaWhen immigrating to British Columbia, you can rest assured that you will benefit from a provincial program that provides cost-efficient healthcare to its residents. It is a requirement that all eligible residents enroll in The Medical Services Plan (MSP) under the act. If you are planning to immigrate, you will need to apply as soon as you arrive. The application process is online and only takes 15 minutes, but has a waiting period of 3 months. It is advisable that you ensure you take out additional health insurance so that you are covered during the initial 3 months.

Immigrate to British Columbia Through Their Provincial Nominee Program

Apply for permanent visa CanadaTo combat the need for workers in the region, The British Columbia Nominee Provincial Program is geared towards speeding up the immigration process of highly skilled workers that meet the needs of the labor market. Those who are eligible to apply through the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program are divided into four categories, namely: Skills Immigration, Entrepreneur Immigration, Express Entry British Columbia and Tech Pilot. An expansion on these categories can be found in the paragraphs to follow.

Skills Immigration

The Skills Immigration category of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program caters for those immigrants who possess the necessary education, skill set and work experience to meet the needs of the labour market in British Columbia. It is further divided into more specific categories that target Skilled Workers, Health Professionals, International Post Graduates, International Graduates and Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Workers.

Entrepreneur Immigration

The Entrepreneur Immigration category of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program is focused on those immigrants who wish to expand their business ventures to the Canadian province. Prospective applicants need to show efficient experience and intent to invest and manage a viable business model in order to be eligible for this category of the program.

Express Entry British Columbia

This category forms part of the Canadian Federal Express Entry Program, which essentially steamrolls the immigration application process for favourable candidates. These candidates form part of subcategories which include Skilled Workers, International Graduates, International Post Graduates and Healthcare Professionals.

Tech Pilot

The Tech Pilot category of the British Columbia Nomination Program is geared toward prospective applicants who are highly skilled in the fields of Trade and Technology. This stream encompasses a total of 29 jobs that are in demand in the province. Immigrants who possess the necessary skills and qualifications to fill these jobs, can enjoy a speedier application process through this program.

This could be an excessive amount of information to digest, and with 70 different categories that exist to apply for permanent residence in Canada, it could become confusing. To get help with determining your category of eligibility and the rest of the application process to immigrate to Canada, Sign up here.