5 Little-Known Benefits of Working in Canada

Thinking of working in Canada? Canada is known as the country of opportunity for international workers because they readily welcome those who can help strengthen their economy.

But it’s not all work and no play.

Here are 5 little-known benefits of working in Canada that’ll make you want to pack up and move to the Great White North tomorrow.

5 Benefits of Working in Canada

1. Get Free Provincial Healthcare

African American male pediatrician with stethoscope listening to lung and heart sound of little boy

Canada has a world-class public healthcare system that’s effective and efficient, but more importantly - it’s accessible to all Canadian citizens and permanent residents at no charge. But wait, it gets better. Temporary foreign workers in Canada with a work permit can access Canada’s free healthcare coverage if they meet the eligibility requirements of the province they work in. In addition, your family members who are listed on your Canadian work permit may also qualify for healthcare coverage.

If you work in Canada for at least 6 months or longer you may qualify for free medical coverage, that may be available immediately or there may be a short waiting period - it all depends on the province's requirements.

So, what’s covered by Canada’s provincial health care?

  • Hospital stays (all doctor services along with all supplies including any drugs administered within the medical facility).;
  • Physician services that are medically required (e.g. visit the doctor for an ailment);
  • Medically required laboratory and diagnostic services;
  • Some drug coverage if 65 or older (province-specific);
  • Some vision care coverage if 65 or older (province-specific); and
  • Accidental dental costs resulting from a fall.

2. Earn Top Dollar

Canada surpasses the USA with the highest paying salaries. In fact, Canada has the 10th highest minimum wage in the world at $9.52 per hour or $20, 643 annually.

To top it off, Canada is experiencing a shortage of skilled and unskilled workers in various industries and regions due to a rapidly retiring population and young professionals who are relocating to urban centers, like Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto. As a direct result of the skills shortage, salaries are even more competitive. Blue-collar workers, like tradespersons, are paid more in Canada than in other first-world countries.

3. Work in Canada for Permanent Residency


The chances are pretty high that you’ll fall in love with the beautiful landscapes, high quality of life, and the welcoming people of Canada - you might never want to leave.

Well, the good news is that you’ll already have one foot in the door. Canadian work experience and adaptability are important factors when you apply for Canadian permanent residency. So much so that Canada created a special immigration stream for foreign nationals with Canadian work experience. It’s known as the Candian Experience Class (CEC) Program and allows you to get priority processing when you apply for PR status.

4. Enjoy Amazing Paternal Benefits

There are a few countries that put emphasis on work-life balance as Canada, especially for employees with families.

Expecting parents in Canada are given 18 months of paid leave which is sponsored by the government. Mothers can take the leave days in their entirety or share them with the other parent. Temporary residents with valid work permits may be eligible for parental benefits if they have social security numbers.

The Canadian Government encourages its citizens and permanent residents to start families to combat its aging population. To alleviate the expenses of raising a family, Canada Child Benefit (CCB) offers eligible families a tax-free monthly payment of $6,496 CAD for children under six years old and $5,481 CAD for children between six and seventeen years old.

5. Endless Opportunities for Young Professionals


Young professionals want to learn and grow with companies that are evolving with the current job market trends; flexibility (hours, roles), fulfilling experiences (social impact), and benefits (college debt reimbursement).

There are many forward-thinking Canadian businesses that tick all the right boxes:

  • Company: Absorb Software Inc
  • Location: Calgary
  • Benefit: Unlimited tuition subsidies to employees for courses related to their current position.
  • Company: A Thinking Ape Entertainment Ltd.
  • Location: Vancouver
  • Benefit: Weekly onsite yoga classes led by a certified instructor.
  • Company: AGNORA Inc.
  • Location: Ontario
  • Benefit: AGNORA offers employees a $500 health spending account that can be used to cover additional health-related expenses.
  • Company: Abilis Solutions
  • Location: Montreal
  • Benefit: Helps employees save for the longer term with matching RRSP contributions.

Some of the top jobs sought after by millennials are in-demand occupations in Canada, especially in the technology industry. This makes Canada the go-to destination for those wanting to kickstart their careers and have a pretty great time doing it.

Ready to Work in Canada in 2021?

Canada will add 1-million new jobs to the Canadian job market by the end of 2021. This is part of a post-COVID recovery plan to get pre-Covid employment levels back and even better than before. Something else that is a part of the plan is to admit 1.23 million immigrants by 2023. Canada’s immigration minister, Marco Mendicino, strongly believes that immigration is the key to supporting its aging population and fast-growing job markets.

Working in Canada is an effective stepping stone to earn permanent residency. Discover your work permit options with a full evaluation today. Simply, sign up below and we’ll get back to you.