Top Retail Jobs in Canada in 2020

Retail can be defined as the sale of goods to the public. You might find that as quite a broad definition, from food to clothing to hardware, anything and everything we buy everyday from a shop is a retail transaction. Now just begin to think about how many people you interact with then you make these daily transactions. There are the assistants on the floor, the person stocking the shelves, the cashiers when you check out, the manager ensuring you are satisfied with your experience. What about behind the scenes? The delivery truck driver who brought the goods to the store, the loading bay worker who unpacked the truck, the stock manager who made sure all the correct products arrived in the correct quantities. There are hundreds and hundreds of jobs in retail, and in Canada, a country of people with significant buying power and a shortage in the labour force, that translates to one thing. Hundreds upon thousands of retail jobs in Canada. Some are in-demand jobs, which means employers are so desperate to fill them, the provinces have included them in their immigration programs. This means the right retail job in the right province could very well translate to permanent residency in Canada as well.

Top Retail Jobs in Canada

Jobs in Canada-Retail

The online retail industry is rising and continues to create thousands of jobs in Canada every year. Obviously the rise of one sector must mean a decline in the other, so it is important to keep up to date with sales trends. Online retails sales were expecting to make up 10% of Canadas total retail sales this year, it is likely that the Covid-19 pandemic pushed that even higher, but time will tell. Let’s start by considering what some of the best jobs in the retail industry of Canada are and which could lead to permanent residency.

Top Retail Jobs in Canada
JobAverage Annual SalaryLevel of Education Recommended
Retail Supervisor$42,242Post secondary degree or diploma
Retail Cashier$30,225no formal education required
Baker$38,849certificate or associate degree
Retail Merchandiser$48,450no formal education required
Sales Associate$39,855no formal education required
Human Resources Manager$78,377Bachelors degree in Human Resources or similar
Store Manager$48,389post secondary degree or diploma
Assistant Store Manager$45,974post secondary degree or diploma
Warehouse Worker$31,688no formal education required
Warehouse Worker$31,688no formal education required

Possible Immigration Options

Jobs in Canada

Which immigration program you are eligible for depends largely on your level of qualifications and occupation. The more qualified and experienced you are, the more programs you will be eligible for. There are a number of Canadian immigration programs that specifically target semi-skilled positions because the country is experiencing a shortage in labour as the current workforce ages out and population growth hasn’t matched up with the good economic growth we have experienced over the past few decades.

Express Entry Program

The Express Entry Program was created with the purpose of fast tracking skilled and/or experienced foreigners immigration applications to get them onto Canadian soil, working and contributing to the economy as quickly and efficiently as possible. There are three programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program - for individuals in managerial or professional roles, typically for those with a three year degree;
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program - for skilled trades workers such as bakers who have completed an apprenticeship; and
  • Canadian Experience Class - if you work in Canada for at least one year in one of the above categories before applying for permanent residency.

You can apply for permanent residency in Canada through this program without a job offer. Remember you are only eligible for this program if you have a qualification and experience in a management, professional or skilled trade occupation. You are required to create an online profile, into which you enter your details. A Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score is calculated based on the information you provide and you are entered into a pool of applicants. Draws are then held periodically wherein applicants are selected from the pool based on their CRS.

Provincial Nomination Program

The Provincial Nomination Program has a similar system to Express Entry, but it is province specific. If for example you have a job offer as a retail worker in the Yukon, you can apply via the Critical Impact Worker category for permanent residency in the territory. If you are successful your application for permanent residency will be sealed up. You can also apply for a provincial nomination without a job offer through either the Express Entry system, by creating an expression of interest in a particular province you wish to live in, or by applying directly to the province. If your provincial nomination is successful on your Express Entry profile, you will be awarded 600 points towards your CRS score, which given you are eligible to immigrate to Canada, pretty much guarantees your permanent residency invitation.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

One of the regions of Canada that are suffering the largest shortage in semi-skilled and skilled labour are the Atlantic Provinces. Together the four provinces of New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia have formed together the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, an immigration pathway dedicated to addressing specific shortages in each provinces labour market. There are three categories:

  • Atlantic International Graduate Program - study a course in forestry or do your masters at an institution in Atlantic Canada to be eligible for this program
  • Atlantic High Skilled Program - if you are already qualified and have a job offer in one of the provinces listed above, you are eligible for this program. The job offer must be for at least one year and be full time
  • Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program - for people with a job offer that requires a high school diploma and on the job training, such as many of those listed above.

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

Major cities such as Toronto and Vancouver do not really experience shortages of labour, competition is always higher in major cities as there are more frequent opportunities. Meanwhile businesses operating in towns and smaller cities in central and western Canada are experiencing difficulties filling positions, which slows their economic growth. So they have come up with a solution. The Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot is an immigration program that offers permanent residency to applicants who accept job offers in one of the participating communities. Communities currently participating in the pilot are

The Current Participating Communities
CommunityAccepting Applications
Sudbury, OntarioAccepting Applications
Timmins, OntarioAccepting Applications
Sault Ste. Marie, OntarioAccepting Applications
Thunder Bay, OntarioAccepting Applications
Brandon, ManitobaAccepting Applications
Altona/Rhineland, ManitobaAccepting Applications
Claresholm, AlbertaAccepting Applications
Vernon, British ColumbiaAccepting Applications
West Kootenay(trail, Castlegar, Rossland, Nelson), British ColumbiaAccepting Applications

Job offers can be found on the participating communities above’s provincial websites or you will be redirected to the appropriate platform from the provincial website.

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